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  1. For the record, this is a Jimmie Dale Gilmore song. The version I know best is Nanci Griffith's.
  2. I think they were pretty similar. I liked the songs better this week. I hope he does this some more, it's a nice (musical) shot in the arm. And like HoV, I like being introduced to some new things.
  3. Quite a few years ago (the 80's?). It really woke me up.
  4. I love her, but I rarely listen to this album. It has some great songs.
  5. This is a tough year. Just not enough firepower. But I still LOVE my Heels!
  6. Thanks, ENJ. You took me back to a magical evening. Seeing Bruce like that. Clarence, so young and dashing. Happy New Year, my friend.
  7. Oh, so do I, but replace NYC with Philly. We always got your spillover. I saw Suzanne Vega once--she was really good. I think Shawn Colvin was singing backup. We were seeing a lot of shows until we moved--the Triangle isn't the hub for our kinda music Philly was. But we've caught a few good shows. Missing live music of "our artists" (obscure, but not all that obscure, singer/songwriters) is what I miss most about Philly. We've seen the following shows since we've been here: Neko Case, The Kennedys, Caroline Spence, Leslie Stevens, Kelsey Waldron, Emmylou Harris I think that's it. That was like one month in Philly, and it's been almost a year since we moved. To be fair, we ended up not going to some shows we had tix for because of various crises: Patty Griffin, The Lemonheads, Stiff Little Fingers
  8. So many. So many. Today's: Let all the finer things sleep alone tonight Let all the minor kings lose their thrones tonight Don't worry about us baby, we'll be all right All of Frankie, really.
  9. It was a great show, but I had seen too many shows in a row. I hadn't thought such a thing could happen, but the Tar Heels were playing and I checked the score a few times! Which I knew meant I had seen too many shows, because I could divert my attention in such a way. Now I won't see five or six shows in a row. I want my attention to be pure and focused. I don't think I deserve a seat if I am in any way jaded. Bruce deserves 100% because he gives more than that every night. It was nice meeting you and your lovely wife, though.