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  1. This is a single, not an album . . . I can't wait til her new album is released.
  2. Oy Not sure I have any unpopular Springsteen opinions, except that Let's Be Friends absolutely belongs on The Rising and is a great song. It is the microcosmic approach to the macrocosmic message, it shows it to us via a classic if overused trope--a love song. Because I know it's an unpopular opinion, it inspired my screen name. I am not ashamed of my unpopular opinions.
  3. Or Jazz. We are in "Endless Juke Joints," after all. Can't wait to see this, but Jeff and I were enmeshed in Mindhunter. Finished the last one tonight. Such a good show.
  4. Her version of "Anyone Who Had a Heart" is incredible.
  5. Still playing a single: Paul Westerberg: Seein' Her on repeat