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  1. It is hard for me to separate Tracks from that tour. (I was just talking to Magnus about that!) I had seen four shows with the other band and it just was not the same. (And while I agree with Dave Marsh on a ton, it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with what seemed like too much change--and those two albums were far, far from his best. A lot of crap in there. Gloria's Eyes. Crystal Taliaferro on sax on BTR. God, it's like a bad acid flashback.) I had gotten married around that time and I was just in another space and time. I was listening to a lot more Nanci Griffith then Bruce. And then Tracks came out and I was reminded all over again of the magic and power of Bruce Springsteen. I played those cds to death and they meant so much. When I heard about a tour with the E Street Band, it was like (as I told Magnus) a sun that had been removed from my orbit began to reappear. It was before I discovered the Lake and when tix went on sale for those Jersey shores, I was at my (dial up) computer, ready and waiting. And was unable to get tickets and crying and thinking it was a commentary on my life lol, so dramatic. My husband was so supportive. And when they kept adding shows, he was the one who kept trying to get me tickets. And I finally scored two tickets and went with my best friend who I had been seeing Bruce with since 1978 (my husband is REALLY supportive) . . . I remember when Bruce walked out on that stage. (I have forgotten so many individual Bruce memories, but this one is vivid as if it happened today.) He looked like himself again, which he didn't to me on the other tour. It was Bruce and he was still Bruce and I grabbed Luanne's arm as if it was life support. I haven't gotten off the train again.
  2. Looking forward to the E Street album, of course. "High hopes" for it. But I feel Western Stars hasn't really gotten its due, in terms of a tour, or at least a few shows.
  3. That's why I said "the/my"--because I recognize that is arguable. While I still think music is very subjective, I think confusing the song "Sleepy Joe's Cafe" with Barry Manilow is . . . trying to think of a way not to be insulting . . . odd. But I'm not an expert on Manilow. Perhaps one of his songs is very similar. Anything's possible. I am not sure what other GL peeps listening habits are, but I don't listen to a lot of Bruce (and I think some of you listen to mostly Bruce). I have gone through periods where I rarely listened to Bruce. There are a raft of his later releases that leave me cold. This thread reminded me I hadn't listened to WS for a week, so I put it on. And man, it sounds GREAT. I will prolly play it a few times in the next day or so. That's how I judge it--by how much I want to listen to it. There have been periods where I've listened to a LOT of Bruce, but there's a lot of music out there that I like. I think Bruce has been pleasantly surprised by the reception of this album because it is very different (even though, as many have noted, Bruce has released a number of "different" albums). I would have loved to see a show of this album with proper instrumentation. He just said on E Street Radio that there's a film of the album, but that's not what I was hoping for in my heart. Life's rough <G>.
  4. You've never felt that way? You're a . . . Lucky Man.
  5. There's nothing wrong with being in the minority. Much of how we respond to music is subjective. I always find it funny how people insist something is or isn't arguable about music, when it is so very subjective. If I were wearing my music critic's hat, I might say that it's a cohesive album, as opposed to a collection of disparate songs. (If you think that's a good thing, then it is.) Bruce's vocals are pleasing to the/my ear. The music is full-bodied and well-produced. The lyrics are vignettes, not anthemic. The characters in the song are a bit long in the tooth, and life has had its way with them--and they have had their way with life. In some fashion I don't think anyone can argue any of the above. None of that means it's a masterpiece. (But I love it.)
  6. The new album is better than D&D. I think both albums are each a volume of short stories, but I prefer the creaminess of the arrangements of Western Stars. I want to hear it ALL the time. Whereas I had to get used to the more angular style of D&D, and didn't always enjoy the acclimation. But the songwriting is worth the struggle. The songwriting on Western Stars is equal to it, but quite different. More vignettes than short stories, but each one packs a punch.
  7. I think I heard Badlands live too often. It's still a great song, but I just never need to hear it live again. However, the greatness of Bruce is that when I do hear it, I might fall in love with it all over again and be thrilled to hear it.
  8. Let's Be Friends (Skin 2 Skin) is a great song and belongs on The Rising album. It's microcosmic message echoes the macrocosmic one.
  9. The person didn't claim it as their own.
  10. This post made me want to support you more. And give you a hug through the ethers. No one could think you posted your review for any financially-motivated reason. No one sane, anyway. Re: Facebook group, I think it was either Spring-Nuts or Brucebook, but checked them both and didn't see it. FB is not so easy to research.
  11. I love her and Pete! Just saw them in concert a few months ago. Never listened to this one, but I will.
  12. I am not here as often as I used to be, but someone posted this essay on a FB Springsteen group and I read it and thought, "This is brilliant. It sounds like Jerseyfornia." And, of course, it was. While I am not like the characters on this album, I am aging and reflecting on my life, and that aspect of the album has been very powerful to me. I love it so much and play it all the time. It's wonderful this album has been so powerful to you, and that you've expressed it and the way Bruce's music can be so personal and powerful on us. Now I have to get one of your books. Which one should I start with?
  13. Those critics would prefer Bruce would forget all about his past and become smug and blind to the suffering in the world. Or at least stop singing about it.
  14. I feel the same right now. And Goddess knows I love me some Nebraska.
  15. As soon as I heard the first songs on Western Stars, I hoped for a show (or a few) with an orchestra. A small tour, small venue. Tickets will be nuts, but I would love to hear this album live. (And any other songs would just be gravy for me.)