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  1. I miss Marsha's presence in my world. And now that I live much further away from AP (and there's a pandemic going on), I don't know when I'll get to sit on Marsha's bench. But it's funny how often I think of her.
  2. I am not much of a podcast girl, but am very much a book girl. Despite that, I did listen to every minute of the Renegades podcast and there really aren't any words that cover how profoundly it moved me. Needless to say, I pre-ordered, something else that is out-of-the-ordinary for me these days. If I can't get it from one of my e-libraries, and it's not a reference book, I don't read it. On the plus side, this will very much be a reference book for me. And so much more.
  3. That video. I now feel I know her in my bones. So wonderful that Ray shared this.
  4. I found out about this after I had heard that Marsha was really committed to St. Jude's and I made a contribution there. So I had to add just a bit here because one day, I hope to sit on this bench. It's a perfect choice to honor our friend.
  5. Losing RJM/Marsha is so sad and painful. She was important in my day-to-day life because we so often chatted online about the things that mattered to us so much. We saw the world in much the same way. To paraphrase Bruce (as is only right): When they built her, brother (or sister in this case), they turned dust into gold When they built her, brother, they broke the mold Marsha was kind, compassionate, smart, and wise. It is hard for me to really believe she is gone.
  6. The last thing this Inauguration needs is a shooter. Long Walk Home fits the bill for me.
  7. Really very sad. RIP Beautiful picture!
  8. They didn't break into the building. People were applauding that law was restored. (I am sure they were also happy to feel safer.) Each ballot is inspected and tabulated by two people, a Democrat and a Republican. There's a sweet story of two of them becoming friends, even in this divisive voting cycle.
  9. Not all Republicans. Just the ones who entered lawlessly. There are Republicans and Democrats in every single place where there is vote counting.
  10. Which brings up the philosophical question--what is sadder--a popular 70 year old musician who some perceive as having "hit the wall quite some time ago" or an individual expressing that sentiment posting on the fan page of that musician?
  11. It was, I suspect, said in jest, a throwaway line, as you say. Much like, "If (insert name of sports team here) wins, I'll eat my hat." Most people don't actually eat their hats. Or "If I were ever to get (insert disease name here), I'd kill myself." That doesn't mean the disease isn't awful. Just that most people say stuff like this all the time, but it's hard to really make dramatic changes, especially late in life.
  12. You can click follow on the blog itself--go all the way to the bottom and a "follow" pop-up box appears. It's underneath his "Follow me on Twitter." Thanks for your interest. He is very dedicated to his blog and updates weekly. He is much more mellow than I am :), but equally passionate about music.
  13. He writes a blog (The Old Grey Cat) mostly about music, but also memories. His audience is early Gen X-ers and late Baby Boomers, he says
  14. My husband's thoughts and speculations (different from my own): https://oldgreycat.blog/2020/09/12/first-impressions-letter-to-you-by-bruce-springsteen-the-e-street-band/?fbclid=IwAR1GCu1r3EK09VPbCoeDKf4dP12LG-X3hrefs7BeWsydYBNPeKPKfpSwryA
  15. Americana is a very loose genre--as a musical term, it began as a hybrid between rock and roll and roots country, but has now become a catch-all phrase. I think Western Stars is akin to the music I grew up on and listened to on am radio stations that were called rock and roll radio stations. In the 80's, rock and roll became stratified to what I'd call rock music; it became more segregated and more discriminating (in the worst sense of the word). I heard Glen Campbell, James Brown, Carole King, and the Beatles on oldies stations and I guess that's why I listened to oldies stations a lot in high school and college. I liked the whole gamut. But Bruce was played primarily on rock radio, fm radio. I listened to that, too: I loved Tom Petty, Bob Seger, the Stones, the Beatles, the Who, Fleetwood Mac, and of course, Bruce. But I didn't like art rock or what I thought of as generic rock (Journey, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Bad Company, Kansas, etc.). I didn't listen to rock radio solely. Too limiting. (But I couldn't have articulated why or what was happening. That has been a more recent realization.) Sorry to digress, but I think it's musically incorrect to remove Western Stars from this new song. They are united in many ways.
  16. I was thinking it was also self-referential. Mongrel nymphs are now mongrel trees. In the Broadway show, he talks about a particular tree that was his solace. "If he were a mystic," one of his inspirations is now rooted in nature, specifically the nature surrounding him in his home. He never knows which particular tree will make him feel rooted, a part of the ongoing link with the universe. But he also still identifies as a mongrel, not a purebred. Maybe.
  17. Simple does not equal lame. But beauty (and lameness) is in the eye of the beholder.
  18. I wrote "usually." My sense of this album is that will have a unifying thread. Assuming that there will be some political matter (whether specific or more broad), based on this song alone, I think integrity, honesty, truth, and ethics will be themes, overt or subtle.
  19. Because this is a single and not the album, we are listening to it in that context--but Bruce is usually an album guy, aiming for cohesion. It will be interesting to hear it within the context of the album. Which I am also looking forward to doing
  20. It also took me a few listens to really like it. Every time I hear it, I like it more. I hear the Byrds, but also the Heartbreakers as someone said earlier. (But then, Petty was very Byrds-influenced.) I also hear echoes of Western Stars, but it seems to me that Western Stars was different personas Bruce was sharing, they were him, but also not him. This is him. Intimately talking to us.
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