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  1. That is exactly how I heard it. To me, it's an expression of his career, especially in the last few years. It can also be heard as a personal love song. That's called good art.
  2. I listened to the new CMA involuntarily yesterday (My husband was playing it. LOL) I like it.
  3. I've heard a lot of the songs, and I like them all--but I love Jukebox Johnny. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I loved a new song more. She does shows on StageIt all the time, which is where I have heard her new music. I request Jukebox Johnny every time. Dan, she doesn't have a record label. Pretty sure she's indie now.
  4. Just read you were unwell. Sending you a hug.

  5. Remember "Working on a Dream." Bruce is often quite overt in his anthems. I kinda think anthems have to be be. (Though that Joe Grushecky duet, "That's What Makes Us Great" was too obvious even for me.) Bruce is also well-versed in subtlety on some of his songs. But it's not his signature style.
  6. I know I've posted about her before, but nothing came up in the search. Anyway, she has a new album coming out and just released this single, which I am completely obsessed with. Check it out:
  7. I guess the young never get old. Nor, once they're past 50, are they allowed to have sensuality in their lives. LOL Bruce sounded sexy to me. But I am not aroused by much of the overt and crass physically-based trash that is so popular today. My brain and heart are my erogenous zones.
  8. I'm no one? Damn. It's a show you should listen to in the dark, with a candle, at midnight.
  9. Harmony of Difference by Kamasi Washington. This is exquisite jazz.
  10. For the record, this is a Jimmie Dale Gilmore song. The version I know best is Nanci Griffith's.
  11. Just finished this historical novel of a NYC Mafia moll en route to Portland, OR in 1921. I have read three of Faye's books and loved them all, but this is my favorite.
  12. Waiting for this via my local (ebook) library. I read her first, The Night Circus. Highly recommended.
  13. I think they were pretty similar. I liked the songs better this week. I hope he does this some more, it's a nice (musical) shot in the arm. And like HoV, I like being introduced to some new things.
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