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  1. It's a quiet movie. I'd have been pissed if people were Bruce-ing and clapping and I missed hearing something. He hasn't lost it, unless courtesy is a form of losing it.
  2. Hearing that Bruce showed up in Freehold for the screening of Western Stars should have burned my heart at having moved so far away from the Promised Land. But it really didn't. I just feel lucky to have seen it at a great movie theatre, with the extra footage, and with my Chapel Hill brethren. Not one person got up after the movie--everyone there was primed to see every moment they could. They didn't "Bruce!" and there was little applause until the end, as Bruce had requested. It wasn't sold out, but the people who were there were there for church. I kinda loved every person there. My husband later said it was too loud, but I thought it was perfect to be surrounded, embraced by the glorious music. It was almost like being in the barn itself, where the concert was held. The sense of intimacy and yet also being in a grand environment was strong. I am not going to offer any spoilers, in part because my memory is that of an old person's. (I would love to write this while watching it again, but I did myself the favor of just being there, not taking notes, this first time.) It helps that I loved this album from the beginning, even as I recognized it was like no other he had done. I really wish even harder than I did before seeing the movie that he had done one live performance for the fans in a small music hall with great acoustics--but hey, he already did that, in some fashion. I am so grateful he made this movie for us. Putting on my critic's hat, I will say that it was obvious to me he was reading the words he wrote during the talking parts, as opposed to speaking off the cuff. Over time, he learned his lines for Springsteen on Broadway well enough to sound natural, but there were times when it was less than natural in the movie. Not forced or painfully uncomfortable, just noticing the non-holistic because the movie is so cohesive. However, the embodiment of the songs is something he has honed over the decades, and some of the performances were stunning precisely because he became the character in so many of the songs. That was art, and it was breathtaking. Western Stars and Drive Fast were particularly intense. It was always impressive how Bruce related to us, reached out to us, gave us so much--I appreciated it so much as a fan. But now he's showing us so much more of who he is, with the book, the Broadway play and now this movie. A holy trinity, and one that filled me with grace last night. P.S. Sundown. OMG
  3. What is the name of that album? This is a nod to my youth:
  4. It may be true that his vocals are stronger on the studio version, but there's always something special and moving and powerful (to me) about Bruce "live." I truly wish he had done at least one show with this album--I'd have moved heaven and earth to get there. I would have been very different than anything else he's done (and not have the same wattage as a live show with the band) . . . but I like seeing Bruce in all his aspects at least once.
  5. This is a single, not an album . . . I can't wait til her new album is released.
  6. Oy Not sure I have any unpopular Springsteen opinions, except that Let's Be Friends absolutely belongs on The Rising and is a great song. It is the microcosmic approach to the macrocosmic message, it shows it to us via a classic if overused trope--a love song. Because I know it's an unpopular opinion, it inspired my screen name. I am not ashamed of my unpopular opinions.
  7. Or Jazz. We are in "Endless Juke Joints," after all. Can't wait to see this, but Jeff and I were enmeshed in Mindhunter. Finished the last one tonight. Such a good show.
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