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  1. Her version of "Anyone Who Had a Heart" is incredible.
  2. Still playing a single: Paul Westerberg: Seein' Her on repeat
  3. Actually a single, not an album, but hey, let's live large.
  4. It was a very hard decision, because I love both. But I ultimately came down on the side of hope, because LOHAD is my favorite song from Bruce's last two decades.
  5. Just downloaded this yesterday. It's amazing: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - 5/23/88
  6. Just beautiful and profound and what being a Bruce fan is all about. Thank you for sharing. Apropos of nothing, I just moved to Chapel Hill from PA. A new promised land.
  7. Now I want to listen to Shelby Lynne. She's one of my top ten artists to see in concert. Here's another:
  8. Some of their music has been played to annoying death but some of the less heard are treasures.
  9. I think many people have an inner need to write songs about those who were a window out of darkness. They are written in a different kind of blood. The ones about his father are blood spilt. The Wish is about receiving a necessary donation that allows you to live.
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