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  1. Badlands Jack of all trades We are alive The rising Thunder road spirit LOHAD (semi regular)
  2. How about standards that were not played tonight Badlands Jack of all trades The rising We are alive
  3. Could be, it all depends on what you have heard in the past & want to hear played. Incident into Rosie is rare and pretty damn awseome
  4. Found some more tweets on the possible surprise on the set list. Don't know the exact song but read hints of the album its on. some people might want to go to bed now The song was soundchecked tonight.
  5. Backstreets? Frankie? Jungleland? Inquiring minds need to know! 2 out of three ain't bad U mean this isn't the encores
  6. LMAO Seriously, been to 25 shows (small change compared to some I know) However, It's the only song I've been "chasing" I ALWAYS miss it by a night. Had the ticketmaster purchase screen up and if #20 was any other song I was buying a seat. Just not meant to be... I feel you're pain. I've been very lucky to hear all the songs live I wanted to hear, most more than once, except for one song e-street shuffle. I've missed it by a night or I've had tickets to a show then couldn't go and he played it.
  7. Someone who would know just tweeted there is something on the setlist tonight that they are pretty sure has never happened before. Keep your fingers ctossed that it happens