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  1. There is no indication which kind of glasses Theresa busied herself with
  2. There is an interesting article on sundown - sundown symptons during Alzheimer's disease - over on Backstreets.
  3. A shot is a single drink (whisky in this case) drunk from a "shot glass"
  4. An unbelievable eight years - yet in my heart, he's never left.
  5. It was always clear to me that - either he was too drunk to take his boots off and so slept with them on wherever he fell asleep - or it happend out of pure exhaustion. But I never thought he wore them to bed. That there is relief of being alive upon waking goes without saying. Have you never woken with that feeling - boots or no boots?
  6. The way he phrased it, he was grateful for the inspiration to write for the band. He didn't seem sure he ever would be able to, again.
  7. I like them all. But I have categorized them for myself: Tucson Train is the most accessible Western Stars the most complex Stones the most mysterious (you see how his companion could be accusing or admitting the lies?) Sleepy Joe is light relief Hello sunshine is the most soothing Chasing wild horses and the Wayfarer vie for bittersweet Moonshine Motel is the most heartbreaking The others have a bit of almost everything.
  8. I went for Moonlight Motel as I think it is so complex and evocative. But there are several others that equal it. I will change around a lot, I think. At the moment, I keep hearing Stones in my head pretty insistently.
  9. I've always thought of HH as an outtake album in spite of some new songs.
  10. If it's music for old people, it has found its target in me
  11. (fixed it for you) Far be it from me to speculate about Bruce playing away from home. But this song strikes me as the story of an older person reminiscing about a love long gone by - it has to be, because the talk is about young couples and the building has since fallen into disrepair. I have seen places in the West just like it, and I could write a whole short story about one without ever having stayed there. It just takes imagination, and Bruce has plenty of that. As for the setting out west - I understand the fascination of that landscape in its sparseness and some of its forbidding qualities that reduce you to your own essence. But I don't feel at home in those surroundings. I'm a girl from undulating, wooded areas and wide open, green spaces inbetween.
  12. There is one thing that bothers me about that album, and it`s an issue I've had before with Bruce's records. Instead of listing the musicians playing after each song, he makes a big list at the end naming the numbers people played. The songs aren't numbered, however, making it harder still to find who is playing what in which song. Maybe he likes us all to puzzle over these details, but other artists make it a whole lot easier for their customers. There, I've said it.
  13. Jewel box fits precisely. Because when you open that box, you find sparkling pieces and tarnished items and you take them out and sort them, inspecting them lovingly, putting them back in different order and getting to wonder why you preferred one to the others. What glittered first might become dull, and some disregarded piece will take on special significance.