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  1. Today, I pureed some fish cooked gently in water and a bit of neutrally tasting oil, a pich of alt - and she ate some of it for the first time in two days. Because her last two fangs are infected and have to come out as soon as she has gained some strength, she can't chew anything - it hurts too much. So ham is out of the question. I am relieved she slurped the soup, I hope she will take more of it.
  2. Random Thoughts + Discussion: Springsteen edition

    For some reason, on the Springsteen website, when you call up music, you get the page with all the albums as usual, but you cannot look at the index of songs on each record, nor can you call up the lyrics, which was always possible. I wonder why?
  3. Our Emma is still being shuttled back and forth to the vet. She is apathetic and refuses food. She has lost four kilos and looks like she did when we got her from the shelter, half-starved and pitiful. But that was ten (!) years ago. Chicken broth, fish broth, soft food of various kinds - she doesn't even look at it. At least she drinks water.
  4. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Good for you, Daisey. Cut your losses. Things will look up from now on. How could they not?
  5. I'm well into it and can only recommend it. Interesting approach, no rehash of wellknown facts.
  6. What Gives You "Brucebumps"?

    Long Walk Home, when he sings Your flag flyin' over the courthouse Means certain things are set in stone. Who we are, what we'll do and what we won't" That not only gives me goose bumps, but brings a fly to my eye, as I reflect that this is no longer true. Now less than ever.
  7. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Having the cat back is a sure sign things are looking up. I'm sending some snow flakes across the net to cool you down (it just started snowing). Take a nap between chores so you won't break down. Keep Bruce playing to perk you up. Have some rum on ice. Look at Berlin with Christmas lights with people all bundled up because it's cold. Keep smiling
  8. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Good morning, Abbey! Hope you are feeling ok! In Germany, nearly everyone has an Advent wreath approaching Christmas. On the Sundays preceding Christmas Eve, we light the candles on the wreath. Some light them up all at once, others one after the other, until all four are burning together at the end. And that looks like above.^^ It is all done to bring a little light into the dark season before Christmas. I am lighting them up, thinking of you.
  9. But, but, but - a new record is what we're craving in spite of all the other laudable things he does...
  10. We've been having a roller coaster ride with our Emma. She has been to the vet many times, always accompanied by wailings that sound like a baby crying, not a cat. She received a transfusion, Mr. B keeping her little paw straight for an hour and a half. Numerous injections. Xrays. The ear infection is still not cleared up, but other than that, she is better. For the first time in weeks, she is demanding food (with a strange, croaking meow that doesn't sound anything like her.) We have to continue giving her antibiotic shots - learned how to do it to save some trips to the vet. She is afraid of me now because I am the only one who can get close enough to her to put her into the carrier for visiting the dreaded vet. She probably will never trust me again
  11. It just arrived. And it looks very promising.
  12. The GL Outtakes Classic Penalty Shoot Out

    This Hard Land. Enough.
  13. Still waiting for my copy.
  14. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Hello Abbey, here is a nutcracker parade from Germany to crack you up.
  15. 'Convince Me Otherwise'

    A song that shot right to the top was NYC Serenade after the Rome Concert. Before, it didn't do much for me. Needless to say, there could NEVER be a version that would reconcile me with Mary, Queen.