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  1. I agree with the statement that Bruce's version of Trapped is the biggest improvement over the original. Jimmy Cliff's version doesn't do much for me; as a matter of fact. I had to listen to it again after I heard Bruce to be sure it was essentially the same song. But what he made of it! Just as Dream Baby Dream and Jersey Girl, for me that will always be the definitive version.
  2. @SydneyGirlmissed you terribly. I'm so glad you voted for Trapped. Stay around!
  3. Trapped is losing momentum, please, please someone vote for it!
  4. But it's both, isn't it? The music AND the show!
  5. I would be happy to see eight out of these ten at the top, but since I have to decide what my very own favorite is, it cannot be anything but Trapped. Sorry Jersey Girl, sorry Medley.
  6. But that's just it. He passes it off as instant rehearsal and you know he is just having fun with it. It is in the best James Brown manner, and I love the way he does it. Those of us who have seen more than one show know exactly that all those little things he is fond of doing are carefully scripted and practiced. Those who don't know his gigs so well lap it all up, and that is what it is for. You are watching a SHOW, and he is showing off. Even after watching that video many times I'm still delighted with it.
  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It shows so much fun just playing music, regardless of whose song, and the way he works it out at the beginning ( all the time knowing that Little Steven had it right and the rest was just showing off) is just great showmanship. It helps that this was THE best Springteen-show I've ever been to. One for the ages. A man at the height of his powers, effortlessly pulling it off.
  8. I agree that the medley is one for the ages in concert. But is it the BEST cover? We're not talking live here exclusively, but the power of making a song by someone else his own. There are three I can think of, (Dream Baby Dream, Jersey Girl and Trapped) and two of these are in the final round.
  9. I can well understand that, Roy. I tried to keep it in there...
  10. Most of my favorites are there, but what can I do now? How can I vote for just one? I don't think there has to be a single favorite. I'm satisfied with what we have now. Coward, I know.
  11. Oh, Daisey, we've had almost non-stop rain, but cold and frost is worse. I hope the weather improves for you soon, and in the meantime, Bruce-music will keep you warm at heart!
  12. The only thing that has kept me going on this site has been Paolo's polls! But I am permitted to hope for new Bruce material, aren't I?
  13. I really had to look it up to make sure it was only last year, June, to be exact, when Bruce was in Berlin. It seems like ages ago, and except for the fun we had when he was down under, delighting @Daisey Jeep, it has been dreadfully dull. Let's all Bruuuuuuce him together, so he wakes up! (Besides, when he disappears, he might be working on new songs, but on the other hand he might have a bout of depression, I fear.)