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  1. berlintramp


    Why those pics have doubled themselves, I'll never know. But right after the blossom jelly sets, we'll ty it.
  2. berlintramp


    A rose, by any other name, smells sweet, but almost as sweet smells my elderberry lossom jelly! Made from my very own elderberry bush. 
  3. berlintramp

    Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    The elderberry bush in our garden has started flowering and is giving off its faint sweet aroma. I shall make elderberry syrup and elderberry jelly, and if there are any blossoms left, we will dip them into pancake batter and deep fry them. That is a short lived delicacy we are looking forward to every year. I am hoping you will be well again soon to taste your favorite food and sweets. Hold on!
  4. Contrary to some people here, I don't despise Tom Morello in principle. I just don't like some of the things he does to perfectly good songs. Love the outro of Jack of All Trades, cannot stomach the fretboard-pedal wankery he added to Tom Joad. It kills the song and its message for me.
  5. I can very well relate to that. Lizzie anticipated thunder storms and the like hours before they hit, meowing and hiding under things. There is no pacifying her. Long time after it's over, she relaxes and seems exhausted. Emma, on the other hand, never even batted an eye. How I miss her.
  6. berlintramp

    The Greatest Springsteen Song: Round 1, Stage 3

    The Ties that Bind is a given because it put me on to Bruce. And Human Touch I love, other band or not. The rest of the vote is freely distributed, the hard part comes much later, I know.
  7. berlintramp

    Whatcha reading?

    I'm happy to have found someone else who enjoys her. She was once named by Philip Larkin and Lord David Cecil as "the most underrated novelist of the century." I always go back to her with delight, promising myself this time I will only savour one of the books and end up reading all of them one by one. Hazel Holt, whom I have recommended as well as someone who writes wonderful cozy mysteries which could be a continuation of Pym novels in another genre is Pym's biographer ("A lot to Ask") and has edited some of her stories and letters. Go ahead, giver her a try - Holt, I mean. She recently died (2015) aged 87, and she wrote quite till the end. Her Mrs. Malory, the main character, could have come straight from Pym's novels. And the inevitable death in the mysteries is unobtrusive. Just the right thing for faint-hearted me.
  8. berlintramp

    The Greatest Springsteen Song: Round 1, Stage 2

    With 10 choices to go through, voting is relativly easy. Though I would like to see some of the songs gathering more votes (State Trooper, Gypsy Biker) I can live with the results. The crunch comes later.
  9. berlintramp

    The Real Paper; May 9th, 1974

    Thank you! I had never read the whole column before (it is rather long and meandering...)
  10. berlintramp

    Whatcha reading?

    I am now reading the Barbara Pym novels all over again, after having recommended them, and I still enjoy them very much. After Some Tame Gazelle, Crampton Hodnet and Excellent Women I am now on A Few Green Leaves. They are restful, funny, erudite and just plain great. And there are some more on the shelves.
  11. berlintramp


    Well, that would be something like "wachse gut und wuchere nicht". (I know that is unpronouncable for someone of the English tongue. So just talk to the mint in your own language, after all, it is from your continent and will understand you.) However, it might not heed you...
  12. berlintramp

    The Real Paper; May 9th, 1974

    I get "page not found" with that link, unfortunately.
  13. berlintramp


    What strong words did you have in mind, @Daisey Jeep? And what kind of a plant are naked ladies?