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  1. When I joined the Lake, I was totally unused to internet etiquette and just commented on something in a running thread without introducing myself or anything. I got trounced right away by a longtime contributor for talking "complete bollocks" and decided that I would stay
  2. If this is Bruce, I'll eat my old hat.
  3. Reading your introduction, I have only one question: What took you so long to touch down here? OH, and welcome!
  4. I'm sure Bruce would very much appreciate how people here rack their brain to find venues for him.
  5. That's right. We did that one night during a Greek holiday in a little tavern right across from our hotel. They left the empty glasses on the table when we ordered more, a group of friendly young Greeeks next to us ordered some for us, we some for them, and when we left the was a row of empty glasses right across our table. We made it alright to our beds, but needed some recuperation the next morning. Each of us must have had ten Ouzos. ......
  6. There were very few Springsteen calendars this year and all are out of stock. I get several calendars every year, but there is a special place for a Bruce calendar. Put up the 2014 one that starts on the right day, but that will only serve till Feb. 28, then we have a problem because it's a leap year. So I ordered a Liverpool FC calendar to take its place then.
  7. The DVD came today!!!! I watched it right away and the film is still great. And surprisingly, there were parts about the narration I didn't remember. I'll watch it quite a few times, I'm sure. Very reassuring to have the chance to go back to it again and again.
  8. I have always loved her - she was one of the three women singers I had almost always on the record player (Mr. B called them "your wailing ladies") - but my admiration went up a notch when I read her memoir "Simple Dreams". She wasn't just a girl with a great voice but a superb musician, inventing and arranging. So sad she has this terrible illness.
  9. Wish you all that for 2020! Plus add any necessary individual things like health, world peace, and an album and tour by you know who!
  10. It's 12, all hell is breaking loose outside and I can't console my cat who burrows as deep as possible into all sorts of dark corners. And unfortunately this racket will go on for hours. Happy New Year to all of you, nevertheless!
  11. He first became very popular during the World Championship 2006 when he was co-commentator on German TV and everyone interested in football took notice because he was able to describe a match in an entertaining yet knowledgeable way. He was coaching Mainz at the time, a club not very prominent in the Bundesliga. Then he changed to Dortmund and everyone took notice.
  12. What a year it has been. I wasn't expecting much of it - same old, same old - and then there was a super hot summer (not so good) and Western Stars! Made my year. Plus the expectation of a new E-Street-Band album plus tour - looking forward to that makes 2020 exciting even before it began. So glad most of you are still around - despite Trump and Brexit and horrible hate crimes and terrible fires in so many places - but coming here calms my soul and gives me hope that people of totally different background can be friends. (And maybe Liverpool stands a chance to become Pemier League champion) So: Have a very happy New Year. Just the horrible noise and fireworks to get through and keeping cat Lizzie from freaking out.
  13. In Germany we say: You have to work off the celebrations as they come. Congratulations on your anniversary and the birthday of Mr. J!