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  1. Random Thoughts + Discussion: Springsteen edition

    If you haven't yet, read "Broadway revisited" by Peter Jon Lindberg on Backstreets. He looks at the changes the show has developed, and he quotes what Bruce has to say these days before starting "Long Walk Home": I've seen things over the past year on American streets that I thought were resigned to other, uglier times — things I never thought I'd ever see again in my lifetime. Folks trying to normalize hate…. daily assaults on the truth and the institutions that allow our democracy to breathe and flourish… folks appealing to our darkest angels, calling upon the most divisive, ugliest ghosts of our past. We've come too far and worked too hard, and too many people have paid too high a price for us to allow that to happen…. We're going through a terrible chapter in the battle for the soul of our nation. So… good luck.
  2. Whatcha reading?

    The ones with Brodie in them are just so clever in the way they entertwine the lives of a number of people in a none too obvious way. "Case Histories, One Good Turn and Started Early, Took my Dog" are all very well composed and really well written. Go for it!
  3. Where Is Auntie's Happy Birthday Fred?

    Belated good wishes, Eileen
  4. Nothing Else Compares. Nothing.

    Easily the WORST show I ever saw was a Dylan show - it pains me to say that as a lifelong Dylan fan. Totally unrecognizable songs, terrible band that seemed to play different "tunes" at the same time, and a totally uninterested His Bobness who said neither hello nor good bye nor nothing inbetween and strutted away at times and reappeared at will. The worst sound ever during a life show, and if he played new material - I would have liked to hear some - no one could identify it. I know he is famous for deconstructing his own material, but that was easily the most wasted money I ever payed for any life show.
  5. Went out and bought the Roseanne Cash CD the moment I heard about it. Not just the Bruce background vocal is beautiful!
  6. R.I.P Murphy

    Even as a cat person I can commiserate about losing such a beautiful dog. Your description brought back all the heartbreak about having to put down Emma, my beautiful tricolor cat who had such a bad start in life and became an almost "normal" cat in the ten years with us. Her sister Lizzie is trying to compensate and I love her dearly, but, of course, it's not the same... I only have this one picture of Emma, she did not like to be photographed. And this is the surviving Lizzie, from the same litter Thank you for giving me the chance to remember her again, even if it is somewhat inappropriate in your thread. Sorry
  7. Nothing Else Compares. Nothing.

    Nothing like walking away after a Springsteen-concert on a skyhigh high and hearing the wooooh, woooooh from Badlands erupt at different locations during a summer night...
  8. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Oh @Daisey Jeep this hassle you have to go through makes me sicker than I already am. (Another bout of the flu that somehow doesn't end). Are there any jobs to be had at your new place of residence? If so, I think being home and not having to live at a friend's house and not having to travel back and forth will make it up in spades even if you make less money than now. You are really brave that you ever took it on! I'm very much hoping that things will look up for you. There are so many people who are on my list for fervently wishing improvements for them: you, little Abbey, @BrilliantDisguise, @tie that bind... Keep your head up and show a little faith... The magic WILL come sometime.
  9. Dream Baby and Angel Eyes. Easy!
  10. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    We should take note to spell the guy's name correctly: Bieber, not Beiber!
  11. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    This has lifted me up to no end. There was nothing inspirational about the times, the weather, our health -flu all around- and here comes a ray of sunshine. So glad for you, Abbey, keep plugging away. Can you hear us cheer?
  12. How long?

    This is the place to get a little help from your friends. Welcome, and jump right in!
  13. Bruce and mental illness

    I'm the oddball here. I loved school, but then, it was a German school. I did a stint of teaching at American high schools (out of necessity. I never wanted to teach.) I can see that going through that system must be hell for some pupils. Unfortunately, the German system has developed in a similar way since then.