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  1. Hooray for Trapped, with apologies to all the other final runners. Almost all of these would have made great winners as well.
  2. Sorry, I was woefully imprecise: It was during the Devils and Dust tour I had my first live experience of a Bruce concert. But, regrettably, not in Atlanta. It was in Berlin in a performance that was first postponed and then took place in the old Congress Center, an awful place to be sure. I was never fortunate enough to be even near Atlanta
  3. And that version of Incident is one that can make old women cry
  4. That was the FIRST live show by Bruce I was ever able to see. I had thought I would be damned to never getting tickets or being near a place where he appeared, but finally it happened. I admit what I remember is at best blurry because I was so excited, I was so far from the stage, I was so excited, I was so excited. (I also had hoped my first live experience would be with the E-Street Band. But it took a while until that finally happened.) I have fond, vague memories which you have just refreshed with your thread
  5. It is uncanny how he can conjure up scenes that make you feel you're there, you've been there, you know the place. It is right up there with Sandy for me, different scene, but just as evocative.
  6. That milkshake is a nightmare.
  7. I have always been proud of Bruce because he doesn't need any gimmics, visual effects and so on. It would detract from, rather than add to his concerts. A B-stage could be interesting, though, especially because some of the acrobatics like knee slides and jumping on the piano are no longer possible because of advancing age.
  8. Oh, very nice. I was fortunate to go to one concert when Jay was subbing for Max because Max was ill or something. He did really well, but he was not quite as attuned to every little thing Bruce did as his dad is. No wonder, after all these years Max has played for the E Street Band.
  9. No one wants sycophantic idol worship, I hope. But condemning something before it is even sure it will happen and in what form is pretty mindless, don't you think?
  10. For a fan forum, there certainly are a lot of negative comments about Bruce, his state of career and his ability to say something worthwhile. And all because of a rumour. No one knows if it's true, what the shows would really be like, and how he would go about it. Why are so many of you trying to drag him down? HE is the artist. Leave him to it.
  11. I agree with the statement that Bruce's version of Trapped is the biggest improvement over the original. Jimmy Cliff's version doesn't do much for me; as a matter of fact. I had to listen to it again after I heard Bruce to be sure it was essentially the same song. But what he made of it! Just as Dream Baby Dream and Jersey Girl, for me that will always be the definitive version.
  12. @SydneyGirlmissed you terribly. I'm so glad you voted for Trapped. Stay around!
  13. Trapped, Trapped, Trapped, come on, vote for Trapped!!!!!!