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  1. I`d like to offer this as a venue. Not as much old-world class as in Britain, but 2250 seats and brilliant accoustics. Berlin is finally ready for Bruce Springsteen (in the philharmonic)
  2. I can't believe this thread. That fuckhead in the White House wasn't referring to height, he was trying to belittle importance and esteem Bruce enjoys. How tall he is in feet and inches or centimeters doesn't come into it.
  3. Just got my ticket for the movie! Oct. 28, 8 p.m. 17 Euros is not expensive at all, compared to some tickets we pay for concerts and theater . Happy!
  4. I've just watched the interview about the movie on the other thread and Bruce's answers led me to reconsider. He said the film was sort of a love letter to Patti, so I changed my mind about Tucson Train: She is on the train.
  5. Some flowers for Silvia with best wishes. (She is not in the birthday list, so apologies for not including her).
  6. So here are three birthday cakes. You may choose! All the best!
  7. Here is all the best to three faithful Lakers: @tie that bind and @rachelharms have their birthday on Sunday, and @Cecilia Sweden had hers on Saturday. Three cheers are the minimum for them!
  8. Of course. It's at the opening of his memoir and mentioned in his Broadway stint.
  9. The stuntman climbed the tree at nine years old. There is no mention he does it now, when all he can do is walk home with all the metal he has in his legs.
  10. It must be my German lack of humor that makes me avert my eyes. No one should be subjected to indignities of that kind. What more can our man do but pull an indifferent face and hope the affliction might be over soon.
  11. Just one day before Britain crashes out of the EU? Well, live it up!
  12. If I never hear Kitty's Back again it will be too soon. Boring stuff going on and on with not much melody and obscure lyrics.