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  1. Just Patti

    The look those two had on that tour has got to be the worst ever for both of them. (I know, I know, it was all the fashion then.)
  2. A modest proposal

    Having just risen from my bed of sorrows (a bad cold) I am now entering final preparations. To make sure all of you who plan to come can find me, pease check in and PM me so I can give individual instructions according to necessity. It would be great if at least some of you could meet in Berlin and come out here together because we have to ferry you from the train station to our house. (Unless you want to hike it ) The less trips we have to make to pick you up, the more time we will have together!
  3. Just BRUCE!

    Ladies! There is a conspiracy under way to rob us of "Just Bruce"! @Lampiposted in the poll-thread: " What's this? Maybe the mods should shake the forum up and let it run faster by deleting the Just Bruce thread and after that giving us proper edit and delete buttons back. " ARE WE GONNA STAND FOR THIS??? ARE WE GOING TO FIGHT BACK??
  4. There is always more to a Springsteen show. It's Bruce. And he does unexpected things. I bet no two shows will be the same.
  5. I forgot, how do you order the cookbook? (I contributed)
  6. Outtakes/Unreleased Poll - Round 1, Stage 6

    And yes, @Paolo's Circus Story, Mr. Poll Driver, I voted for Janey, don't you lose heart and Stray Bullet, although the latter depresses the hell out of me. About like the upcoming German elections with neo-nazis primed to enter parliament.
  7. Outtakes/Unreleased Poll - Round 1, Stage 6

    This time I looked more carefully and got it right. This poll is still fun, by the way!
  8. Outtakes/Unreleased Poll - Round 1, Stage 5

    I think I missed The time that never was. Just didn't see it. I'll go boil my head.
  9. Finding Bruce at Fifty

    Don't feel pressured. We just like to shoot off our mouths.
  10. Finding Bruce at Fifty

    I almost passed out. So I looked the other way. Wheeeeew! or do I feel more like ?
  11. Finding Bruce at Fifty

    Lost in the Flood - first I heard that it was too long??? A live version with all the buildup will probably tell you otherwise Incident: That song is the holy grail for some on this forum. Tread lightly! And Sandy. Can it be that you don't like romantic songs? (But there is more than romance there). Maybe someone can unearth Welby's post about incident? New York City Serenade: Something I could't warm to for a long time, and then came the performance in Rome!!!! Look it up on youtube, as suggested. Maybe that can win you over. Anyway: Interesting assessments. Don't hurry too much. Give yourself time. (Says the granny on this board). And don't overdose Too much Bruce might have adverse effects. BRUUUUCE!
  12. Just BRUCE!

    Not mad. But a gentle reminder, BD: this thread is called "Just Bruce". No imposters, please.