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  1. Roy, I have thought of you so often and missed you so much. I'm sad were not on the same page anymore. But should you ever come anywhere near Berlin, I would welcome you with open arms.
  2. Haven't been to a classical concert or a play in half a year. Big TV screen is no compensation. Just ok for football . But without crowds in the stadium, half the fun
  3. I hope PSG clobbers Bayern but I'm afraid they will not and Munich will become even more insufferable
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who reacted deeply moved and emotional to the video. I hadn't listened to The Rising in some time, and it fit perfectly. Bruce has been outspoken in his broadcasts, so it's no surprise he comes out for Biden. Or maybe mainly against the other guy.
  5. I just learned today that radio one in Germany will broadcast all of Bruce's radio shows. At 11 pm. I'm afraid that's not a convenient time, but I'll try. I am afraid, however, that they will translate his words and overdub him, and that would never do!
  6. You are not REALLY of the opinion that Bundesliga is the best? Have you watched all those numbing matches in the lower ranks? And Bayern dominating the way it does doesn't do much for excitement - unless you're a fan... At least the Premiere League has some variety.
  7. Sad to see Barca outclassed like that, and by Bayern no less. Though I hate the pissers, I have to hand it to them - they really looked like the champs tonight.
  8. 17 years is a proud age for a cat. I'm sure she had a good life with you. Remember the good times and let go gently. I commiserate.
  9. I favor anyone but Bayern as champions. They have won too much already.
  10. Very nice that you adopted a cat that is older - the young ones find someone much more easily. And she is cute!
  11. Ill never forgive this "bullshit virus" (Klopp talk) that it spoiled the celebration.
  12. Lizzie can read: she sleeps on the bench beneath the sign Katze which of course means cat
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