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  1. I can't decide. (Not being able to decide is a sign of insanity, my ex used to say.) But there are some really dark songs that I love because of their defiance and power, and sometimes there is the need for something hopeful as in Land of Hope and Dreams. It's like life: you need either one at times, and life itself is made up of both.
  2. Unfortunately, yes. Still glad the Reds made it, who will remember they played a lousy match when they put the trophy up...
  3. It just about kills me but I can't read it, it's just too fuzzy.
  4. I have always seen it as realistic assessment. If someone flattered me because of my supposed beauty (which I didn't believe in) I would have disregarded him - (and did).
  5. Somehow I came across my Catherine Aird collection and am re-reading all her deliciously elegant mysteries. I have about ten - maybe more, I haven't counted exactly. Right now DI Sloan and constable Crosby are my constant companions.
  6. Lasanta is the Glenmorangie variety aged in sherry casks - for 12 years altogether. It makes for a very smooth, rich taste with a lot of interesting highlights.
  7. Thank you! Poured one out for you and me as well. If it sounded harsh, I apologise. Wasn't meant that way. It just seems so obvious to me what the lyrics say, I don't think we should start mystifying the content. It is such a beautiful song full of quiet resignation and acceptance. Violence has no part in it.
  8. You can read, can't you? Read the lyrics and then tell me how you shoot yourself with a whiskey bottle.
  9. I think that is exactly right. He doesn't know whether to believe that it is better to have loved. He doesn't reject the idea, but he is examining it, somewhat detached and rueful. There is longing and resignation in his words and his actions, as is a very human thing when you recall lost or unrequited love.
  10. Yes, I thought a pause would be a good thing and put on The Promise. But then I reverted to WS, albeit on shuffle, so I was alert to each particular song.
  11. If I remember correctly from the Bruce "meet and greet", (the only time I saw a picture of him) @newcastle roy is not only handsome but a really cool bloke
  12. Ok, I know Ann and Rachel. Please tell the uninitiated who the others are???
  13. Have a great time, all you Lakers! I expect lots of pictures as I can't see any of the proceedings on TV. (And preferably right side up)