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  1. I favor anyone but Bayern as champions. They have won too much already.
  2. Very nice that you adopted a cat that is older - the young ones find someone much more easily. And she is cute!
  3. Ill never forgive this "bullshit virus" (Klopp talk) that it spoiled the celebration.
  4. Lizzie can read: she sleeps on the bench beneath the sign Katze which of course means cat
  5. I'm in denial. Virgil and Allisson blundering? Help!
  6. I watched the video of the first time Jungleland was played after Clarence's death and was astonished how much it affected me after all this time. I cried.
  7. The effect is called learning while doing. And motivation.
  8. Nice collection, Shaun! I will come back to it if times ever get worse - just to remind me. (As for the fans in the street: There are football louts everywhere, unfortunately).
  9. Seeing Liverpool win was a very emotional thing for me - in a sort of secondhand way (no cuddly toys involved). The grandfather of my ex-husband was a boilermaker who lived with his family literally only an few hundred feet from Anfield Road stadium - in a terraced house, two up, two down, flush (!) toilet in the garden, if you could call the small strip behind the dwelling a garden. His work of 50 years had left him almost deaf. The family was hard up, but there was always money for a season pass to Liverpool games. Granddad lived and breathed football, and going to matches and having a pint or two after was the highlight of his life. In those days - the seventies - Liverpool was still a big factor of British football. The pride he and his mates took in their side was something to behold. Because of Corona I was afraid for those fans who celebrated last night in front of the Kop gates, but I could very well understand the exhilaration that had to be demonstrated. I think Jürgen Klopp understood some of these connections to the people of the city and what it meant to them to win after such a long time. Because their lives are as hard as ever, but football lifts them up to another plane. They're flying high, right now.
  10. The champagne was nice! !!! And I sure hope the scousers will not spread infection instead of joy.
  11. Lizzie looks foreshortened. But she is curious what's up today. So sorry she is the sideways cat.
  12. I watched with rising furor as Dortmund got beaten by Mainz. By Mainz! Not only do I have to endure those stupid ghost matches without public, but the Dortmund players obviously weren't motivated. No chance of winning the title anymore, Champions League participation guaranteed, they thought they would just go through the motions. Disgusting.
  13. The biggest loss this pandemic has been for us is not going to concerts and theater. We had tickets for summer concerts in a partially restored monastery where you sit under a vaulted roof and one side is open to a great expanse of grass where you can picknick during the concert, if you wish. There are well-known orchestras and choirs that usually come there. Sadly, it has all been cancelled this year. We had four concerts booked. Now they are offering refunds, but hinting very broadly that you could donate the sum (about €300) because they are always just scraping by in spite of this being a very well-known concert series. As for theater - alas, we are hoping for winter.