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  1. For me easily Born to run - Darkness - The river.
  2. Awesome version of this song! And I love Blinded from the same album too...
  3. Hungry heart and the insanely prolonged Tenth Avenue freeze-out on the reunion tour.
  4. The first couple of listens I found the chorus quite jarring and annoying. But it’s grown on me. Very good song.
  5. Really like the sound of this. No unnecessary studio trickery and a truly classic E Street sound. Plus strong vocals from Bruce. The song is very nice, too. I hear shades of Long walk home, Save my love and Blood brothers. Righteous!
  6. I prefer the studio versions of almost all Springsteen songs over the live renditions.
  7. As of this moment: 1. Moonlight motel 2. Hello sunshine 3. Stones 4. Western stars 5. Somewhere north of Nashville 6. Chasin’ wild horses 7. Tucson train 8. Sleepy Joe’s Café 9. Drive fast 10. Hitch hikin’ 11. The wayfarer 12. There goes my miracle 13. Sundown It will be interesting to see what the list will look like in a few months.
  8. Must say I am thrilled with the releases from Western stars so far. For me, There goes my miracle is just ok (like an above average WOAD song), but reading the early album reviews I think it will be one of a kind on the album but add nicely to the overall impact. The other two singles, however, are what really make me feel that Springsteen album excitement in a way that I’ve not felt in, well, more than 25 years. To me Hello sunshine and Tucson train hit home both musically and lyrically. And the production is great. I’ve been longing for a return to more personal songwriting from Bruce for quite some time now, and for me Hello sunshine is such a return. If this would have been released in 1992 as the first single ahead of Human touch I would have been very satisfied indeed. Great mature lyrics, simple but nice melody, intimate and strong vocals and terrific production. For me, this is a song that will last. Tucson train is classic sounding Bruce. I didn’t think I’d ever see him release a new song of this kind again. Happy I was wrong. Without the horns and strings - and with the main riff played on guitar instead - this would have fit perfectly on Tunnel of love or even Born in the USA. Good lyrics, too. And the best thing is, I have a feeling we haven’t heard the best of Western stars yet. June 14 can’t come soon enough.
  9. Sad eyes (I rarely listen to Tracks cd 4 all the way through and tend to forget how nice a tune this is. I'd like for Bruce to try this with the band next tour.)
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