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  1. Is the Tempe show available to buy in its entirety in audio?....obviously with the ten extra songs..sorry if this has been asked before..just wondering.
  2. Get Up..latest Bryan Adams album...My son bought it for me for Christmas...Very Good album.
  3. Pigs!.....they taste fuckin great!
  4. Jailbreak-Thin Lizzy Tonight there's gonna be a Jailbreak, Somewhere in this town!.....I'm betting its at the Jail.
  5. Boy From New York City-Darts...Dan Heggarty...Legend I'm in retro mood now Janeymarywendy...pity you're not in South Yorkshire..I've got loads of beer.
  6. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend-Rubinoos....I love the Rubinoos.
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