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  1. Not Asbury Park, but right up the road in Sea Bright, NJ. This is an aerial view of the Trade Winds Beach Club and Nightclub (weird that nightclub is one word and beach club is two ). I used to go there all the time to see bands, dance the night away and fall in love. The nightclub is on the right. There was an indoor pool in the back of the nightclub too. I never saw Bruce at the nightclub, but we had so many good times there. Sadly, it's all million dollar homes there now.
  2. Yesterday, Father's Day at Tony's Freehold Diner with Evan.
  3. Hey...I never liked those old western movies either. Maybe that's why I don't feel this is a masterpiece. Before you all get pissed off at me, remember I did say I liked the album and thought it good and solid and I'm very happy for Bruce. I guess right now it's hard for me to get so involved in an album.