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  1. Popcorn and Goobers. At the same time. Yum! Haven't had that in awhile.
  2. I haven't been listening as much as I used to. But I'll tune in every now and then. I TC!
  3. I just saw the trailer on FB. Sorry, I can't post it here. It's very autobiographic. His speaking voice sounds very strained. But I thought that about the BTR (book) audio version too. The filming for it seems beautiful though. Nice close-ups of Bruce. Some old home movies and video.
  4. Hopefully this will make me like the album a little more with seeing Bruce on the big screen performing the songs.
  5. Billboard
  6. New York Post
  7. New York Daily News While making the movie, Manzoor sent the script to Springsteen, who didn’t recommend a single change. Director Gurinder Chadha eventually showed Springsteen the film last summer, sitting behind the rocker as he watched. “At the end of the movie, there was absolute silence," Chadha, 59, told The News. "He didn’t say anything. ... Just as I was going to get my tape, Bruce walked over to me and he put his arms around me and he gave me a big kiss and he said, ‘Wow, thank you for looking after me so beautifully.’”
  8. UCR review, but don't read it if you haven't seen the movie yet.
  9. Oh yeah, I saw it on one of the morning news shows here too.
  10. I can't post it unfortunately. But it was Gurinder and Sarfraz talking about Bruce, the movie, Asbury Park, etc. Some of it I've seen already from other videos. But they showed some of Asbury Park. If I find another video of it anywhere, I'll post it.
  11. Did your theater show the special content right before the movie? Mine didn't. I just saw it on FB. Kind of bummed. I even waited until the lights came up thinking it would be at the end of the movie.
  12. That was one of the things that made watching this movie great. Hearing the songs blast in the theater.