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  1. Maybe I'm missing something here but why is it that none of these shows have surfaced on jungleland? Bob's Theme Time Radio Hour was traded heavily back in the days and I'm sure you can still find compilations of all his shows on some tracker. I can't find anything on Bruce's sets. Would greatly appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction. Cheers Romas
  2. Third verse of Promised Land, after the solos. Gives me chills every time I hear it.
  3. Have mostly been a lurker, but looking at my profile I just realised that I joined October 22, 2002 - two days after the Rising show in Berlin. Talk about inspiration! I remember that Europe-in-two-weeks-tour to promote the new album back then pretty much knocked my socks off. And to think of all those great Crystal Cat boots that came out of it ...
  4. Yeah, that was related to 2019. However, I don't think Crazy Horse are doing any real "tours" anymore. Neil's last shows with them were all shorter stands with a couple of nights in a specific region, so this shouldn't be a problem if an E Street tour comes along. I'm sure Neil would understand ...
  5. Looks like a lot of cinemas from the "Cinemaxx" and "Cineplex" chains in Germany are showing the movie on Monday, October 28, at 8 pm - and not only in the big cities, but in smaller to mid-size towns as well. Prices seem to be almost double than what they usually are, our local Cinemaxx is asking 16.50 Euros. Check your local listings, tickets are on sale now!
  6. According to amazon and other online sellers, the vinyl is scheduled for a release on December 13, 2019. Bummer.