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  1. I was frustrated when the Met Life shows were bumped up before the remaining European ones, but could maybe understand the reason. But now we've got Washington and Chicago as well. Where's Paris? Where's Rome? Come on, sort it out!!
  2. Tribute Bands

    I don't mind a tribute band if the real thing isn't available and in some cases - The Rollin Stoned for example - they can be better than the real thing!! I've seen a number of Bruce tributes and enjoyed most. However The Boss UK was a real disappointment. He committed the cardinal sin of taking himself too seriously and was so far up his own backside it was untrue. Not only that he managed to get the words wrong to those obscure Springsteen songs Born to Run and Thunder Road!!! I'd steer well clear!
  3. The River album in Europe argument

    Would I have liked to hear the full River album? Yes. Would I have swapped e.g Paris One for a River setlist? Probably no. Would have I have gone more than once to see The River? Maybe/ maybe not. Were these some of the best shows I've ever seen Bruce play? Absolutely!!
  4. Well let's wait and see what happens in the rest of the show. At the moment I tend to agree although Price You Pay would have been good.
  5. Yes I suppose in retrospect we should have been more worried than we were. There were announcements for people to leave the building but we could hardly hear them on the floor - and they were obviously automated and set off by the power failure. The fact that Bruce was still on stage and that security were not herding people from the building made us feel safe. Quite a few people did leave. Even the pit had a lot more space after the alarm and there was plenty of room to dance about. And what a great atmosphere there was in the pit that night. Met so many nice people!
  6. I know enjoyment of a show depends on a lot of things- where you are, the people around you, your mood but for me last night was up with the best I've ever seen. As soon as Incident started you got the feeling this was going to be a special night and it was. Fantastic crowd and band were on fire.The power cut even added to the atmosphere although I appreciate people at the back would have struggled without the screens. And no sunny day!
  7. July 5th 2012.......Paris

    Was also behind the stage and saw the mayhem caused by the abandoning of the set list. Have mixed feelings about the show because not only was it the best of 30 I've seen but it was the only one I've left early. The show started very late, I think because we were waiting for Bruce's family to arrive, and was still going way after midnight. We had to miss the last two songs to catch the last train to the outskirts of Paris where we were staying with family. Not going to let it happen again - hotel booked near venue this time!!
  8. Paris

    Amazed to see there's still some pretty decent behind the stage seats available for both nights. Did this last time and had a great view.
  9. Viagogo tickets

    They're probably safe but they're also money grabbing touts who only survive because people are willing to pay their exorbitant prices and fees. Join Badlands ticket swap on Facebook or search in the forums here.
  10. European Pit Queue System

    Agree. Tickets have names and addresses on - certainly the print at home ones do - so an ID check would be fairly easy to carry out. However I have my doubts as to whether that will happen.
  11. European Pit Queue System

    Yes - but I think they all might.
  12. European Pit Queue System

    It will be interesting to see the make up of the pit where there is a separate paid for front area. I've done the pit queue on most tours but not on this as it seemed to get earlier and earlier and you have to stay at the stadium longer so by the time the show starts you're pretty knackered (getting old!). Was lucky enough to get a pit ticket for Paris so it will nice to relax, turn up relatively late and enjoy the show. Not saying this is the answer but certainly I think it's been getting pretty silly in Europe on this tour.
  13. Sound quality this tour

    Pretty sure they didn't sound check at Manchester. Certainly the sound improved after the first two songs. For me Coventry sound was a lot better - and louder.
  14. Very good set list, good sound, flat crowd apart from when he played the hits. Those stuck in car parks should have gone to the casino to see Elvis sings Bruce. Great fun!