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  1. Eagles win their first game of the season and take over first place in the NFC East at 1-2-1. Sad. Nice seeing the Cowboy's at 1-3.
  2. This news really sucks. We never met but have been online friends for years. A few years ago, I was in the hospital for 2 months. He regularly PM'ed me to check in and give me a laugh. RIP Tim. You will be missed my friend.
  3. Mel is spot on. I saw an interview with Mel in early December on CBS Sunday Morning. I applauded him when he said about political correctness and comedy. He does say he was a little over the top with the N-word, farting and such in the film, but it's what he does. Good interview. A lot of it is about his true love for his late wife Ann Bancroft. If you want to jump to the Blazing Saddles, it's at 7:30 or so. I'd recommend watching the whole piece. He's one of my favs. https://www.cbs.com/shows/cbs-sunday-morning/video/7P8iAXZFa4jG4NsTTZqzhUEWBQh5jBGQ/mel-brooks-on-comedy-and-love/
  4. Not much of a Rush fan but one cannot deny Neil's gift and contribution to music. Godspeed Neil.
  5. "Live From Daryl's House" was pretty good. I liked the way other artists would interpret H&O tunes. In several interviews he would say about what a song meant to him (and/or John) and enjoyed others take.
  6. Yes, BJ from AC/DC. In the states it's on AXSTV. It originated on BBC I believe and possibly streaming online. http://www.axs.tv/programs/brian-johnsons-a-life-on-the-road/
  7. Yep. They had staggered role calls - IIRC 6 a day the first 3 days and then anytime Friday and all thru the night. I lived about an hour away so I could get home once a day to shower. Food wise, South Philly has many diners and take out eateries. Played a lot of backgammon and threw the frisbee around to kill time. Great times.
  8. Yeah, I don't understand it either. I'm not a big Sting fan but have no bitterness for him. The missus loves him though. To us, his hair and eye area just hit us as "Bruce-like". Maybe it was the wine. I DVR'ed it so I'll go back and have another look.
  9. Wanted to post this last week but.... After having seen Bruce dozens and dozens of times since 1975, I rate this show as the best Bruce concert I ever attended. As we all know, this was the day after John Lennon's murder. It was a horrible day for all of music. We were glued to the radio all day, wondering if the show would occur. Side note - I slept for 4 nights in the Spectrum parking lot (actually the JFK Stadium lot - right next door) for tickets. I was #4 in line and ended up with row 7 center stage tix. My girl friend (now my wife of 36 years), brother and friend went to the arena early - still no word on a show occurring. We finally got word late afternoon it was going to happen and were very relieved. As Bruce said in his opening remarks they had considered cancelling the show but there was really nothing else they could do but play. He also said that we'd all be somewhere else if it hadn't been for John. I'm not a real set list watcher, so I don't recall all that was played. But after his remarks, they ripped into a torrid BTR. Later in the show, Point Blank was riveting. I still get choked up thinking about the performance of it that night. Haunting. Ending with Twist and Shout was epic. 39 years down the road and I still get the willies thinking of that night. Thank you Bruce.
  10. I watched Brian Johnson's "A Life on the Road" episode featuring Sting last night. In mostly all the current segments, my wife and I agreed that Sting's features appeared creepily similar to Bruce's. Do they use the same plastic surgeon and hair plugger? Obviously a little tongue in cheek but we couldn't help but notice.
  11. Miss him too. All the best to his family and you, BB.
  12. For me, that's like watching the Cowboy's lose to the mighty Jets! Took the sting out of the Eagles lose.
  13. BHT and the Monsters with John Popper doing Rosie. They've covered it in concert over the years but this version rocks.
  14. The Braves had a moment of silence for him before the game at Sun Trust Park tonight. Again, tells you what kinda guy he was.
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