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  1. Miss him too. All the best to his family and you, BB.
  2. For me, that's like watching the Cowboy's lose to the mighty Jets! Took the sting out of the Eagles lose.
  3. BHT and the Monsters with John Popper doing Rosie. They've covered it in concert over the years but this version rocks.
  4. The Braves had a moment of silence for him before the game at Sun Trust Park tonight. Again, tells you what kinda guy he was.
  5. Actually, he texted me before the show saying the place went insane when the Blues scored first. They were watching the game in the concourse. He said it felt like home haha (Philly). When they won, he texted "This place just went nuts." I guess St Louis aren't real fans. (of Phish)
  6. Congrats @Jimmy James! 52 years. It's been a long time comin', my dear. Side note - the lad went to Pappy's Tuesday before the Phish show. Texted me while eating. "Best ribs I've ever had. Hands down."
  7. Phish head for sure. Dozens of shows. Bruce is second in number of shows thanks to the old man. I'll pass the word about Pappy's. Thanks!
  8. @Jimmy James My son flies into St Louis tommorw morning for a 2 night Phish stand. He hopes they bring the Blues good luck. You guys got this.
  9. So true. Outstanding man. If you're not familiar with him, look him up. Selfless. Flags are at half staff in Philly for a week. Tells you something. And any man who can bring Larry Bowa to tears is special. MLB lost an asset too. His impending death was the reason for the announcement of the 2026 all star game prior to announcing the 2021-2025 venues. They wanted David to know his efforts to get it back to his city was going to happen. Godspeed.
  10. Did you see the TOL tour? Some stone faces at several shows then.
  11. Hum.... Wild Horses and Stones together sounds vaguely familiar.
  12. Last Friday in the Asbury Park Press. Several showings in my area (Philly suburbs). Tickets:
  13. Well, my Phillies are scoring runs. But the pitching…..oofah.
  14. They're playing well at home though!
  15. OPENING DAY!!!! Anyone going to a game today? We're going to Braves @ Phillies on Sunday.