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  1. Years later, I attempted to have my lost Rembass re-created, but nothing will ever replace the original version I used to own.



  2. Still haunts me to this day, but here's photographic evidence I owned an authentic Rembass hat as Bruce wore in his video for Glory Days.  It went missing one day never to be found again, but at the time it was my most prized Bruce related possession (Circa 1985).

    Rembass with George cropped.jpg

  3. fender52tele

    My Bruce Photos

    Some shots I've snapped of Bruce outside various shows.
  4. Looking forward to finishing the Houston DVD!

  5. Pictures I took from the pit. IMG_3726.MOV IMG_3727.MOV IMG_3734.MOV IMG_3739.MOV IMG_3750.MOV IMG_3773.MOV IMG_3778.MOV IMG_3788.MOV IMG_3825.MOV IMG_3856.MOV IMG_3870.MOV IMG_3872.MOV IMG_3873.MOV IMG_3874.MOV IMG_3875.MOV
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