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  1. Hi Jan,

    LONG time since we've chatted, but I've logged onto GL for the first time in a long time.

    I seen Bruce 1 week ago today in Milwaukee Wisconsin (March 3rd, 2016). Took my daughter who is now 11 and she had the time of her life (me too). I'm driving to Kansas City MO next month to take my son who is now 13 to see him again (will be his 2nd show). 

    I hope you are well? I remember the time you and I mailed each other beer like 10 years ago :)

    Fun stuff!  Anyways, you might not get this message for a long time, but when you log into GL, you'll find it and hopefully remember me.  My email address is dleelars@gmail.com if you ever want to say "hello".

    God Bless and hope to hear from you sometime down the road.

    David Larson 

  2. You still around? ;-) Cheers, Jan in Finland.

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