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  1. We all know how the River tour evolved from just a few shows that were planned initially, so anything is possible. They really do seem to just make it up as they go. I like the idea of a series of extended residencies in small theatres in major cities around the world. NY, London, Paris.....Sydney. I think the scheduling change in recent tours is more about the band than Bruce. I think he would play for hours every night of the week. Not sure his voice would take it though.
  2. Frankie

    I think this is what the OP was referring to and it is indeed one of THE most glorious things I have ever seen. Could watch it all day.
  3. Let's Go Crazy

    I don't think its really fair to say that Prince had a "frustrating decline". He produced a phenomenal amount of brilliant music right till his passing. The difference, though was that he didn't seem to have the same filter Bruce does. That was always his way right from the beginning and the source of a lot of his record company woes. I see Bruce and Prince's careers having quite a similar trajectory right through. After their mega-stardom of the 80's they both tended to come and go with varying levels of public interest, but nearly always well received by critics. They both have always put on the best live shows in the business. I would argue, however that Prince has had a greater impact on modern pop music than Bruce. Prince can be heard in much more of today's music.
  4. A word of caution with editing yourself. Its perfectly fine to edit any of the lossless formats, but you most definitely do NOT want edit an mp3. Editing requires that the file be re-encoded. As mp3 is already compromised audio quality wise, re-encoding compounds that problem. To explain it simplistically, lets say an mp3 is 80% the quality of a "CD quality" original, re-encoding that mp3 will give you 80% of the quality of the mp3. So the final result will be about 65% of a cd quality version. The iTunes method of "trimming" the playback is much safer because it doesn't affect the file itself, iTunes just plays the parts of the file you select and you can revert it back any time you like. And whatever you do, always make sure you keep a backup of the original files somewhere.
  5. No difference at all. Nugs run "". Either way you are buying from the same organisation. Can't comment on delivery. I only download.
  6. Haha I'd like to say I remember but it's all kind of a blur now. Adelaide seems so long ago!
  7. I've been saying that to anyone who will listen since the beginning of the tour. It would be a whole lot better than the US because a dedicated pit ticket (front GA) is sold. You're already guaranteed to be in the pit. Just a matter of where.
  8. Sitting in the airport heading home from Brisbane to Sydney. Thought I'd share my thoughts on last night. Last night was my 47th show. In those 47 shows, I feel like I've had just about every experience this ride has to offer. I've seen some incredible shows in some amazing places around the world, witnessed some amazing moments during those shows and met plenty of great people along the way. Brisbane wasn't on my list of planned shows for this tour. My original plan was for 6 shows and I was more than happy with that. Sitting at home on Tuesday night, watching the show on periscope, my wife soon realised I was feeling pretty miserable about missing a show like that. She then suggested that I should go to Brisbane for the second show. At first I declined and said I'm sure the second one couldn't be as good. My mood didn't improve the next day. Next thing I knew, she had found me a ga and now pretty much insisting I book a flight and go. She didn't want my miserable face around the house. Reluctantly I obliged. For a long time I've had 3 songs on my 'fantasy' wish list to see live. Songs that I would so dearly love to see live, but really didn't dare wish for because of the rarity with which they are played. As the GA queue was led into the foyer last night, we heard the last few bars of the sound check. It was one those 3 songs! As we milled around in the foyer for the last hour or so before being led into the pit, there was lots of talk of other rarities being sound checked. Among them was a second song from my list! Seriously?! Surely not?! I tried not to get too far ahead of myself, because as we all know, just because it's sound checked and even set listed it's far from guaranteed to be played. As we all now know "Follow that Dream" and "Long Time Comin'" did indeed get played and they were sublime. Every bit as good as I hoped they would be. But to also hear them amongst so many other great and rare treats like "Jole Blon", "Fire", "Roll of the Dice" and um, "Working on a Dream" was just out of this world. For me personally, it was the best of nights. Probably the best I've seen. Everyone I spoke to after the show loved it. Not sure if they would all rate it as highly as I did, but that's ok. That's how these things go. It was like this show was made for me and I very nearly wasn't there! When people think we're crazy for going to show after show, this is the reason why. Shows like last night where so unexpectedly (nearly) all your dreams come true. It's astonishing to me that after seeing this many shows a single show can hit you like this. "Frankie" still awaits somewhere down the line, but i do still have 3 shows left this tour :-). I guess then I'll have to come up with a new list! I do also realise how lucky I am. My wife enjoys going to a show or 2 but is certainly not the fan I am. We have a very strong marriage, but certainly in recent years Bruce is main cause of tension between us. In the end though, she usually just rolls her eyes and sends me on my way.
  9. Hi-Res Bruce downloads

    Some archive shows that I would consider to be worth a hi-res download would be the Christic shows from 1990, Tower Theater 1975 and the LA 88. Of the the 'on tour' shows, anything from the River 2016 on (except the first couple). In general they have improved with time. In my opinion the later Euro, US Final leg and the latest Australian shows are great sound quality. Another little trick you can try is to rip the audio from any blu-rays you have. You'll need the 2 channel PCM track. A bit of messing around, but can be a great result. Very jealous of your new gear!
  10. Next to no chance unless the front GA is half empty and she sweet talks the security people.
  11. Now we are in a bit of an extended break before the AU/NZ shows, I'm assuming there will be one or two archive releases shortly? Anybody heard any confirmation of such or even what they might be?
  12. Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    He was there with a mate of mine. I can confirm that he did pull through. Great work by everyone involved definitely saved a life that day. In fact you could probably say that his life was saved because he was at a Bruce concert. Had help not been so readily available, it may well have been a different outcome.
  13. Pit for Australia GA

    Back half of the floor is seated. Front is a single ga/pit. So if you have a ga ticket you are in the pit.