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  1. We know. One person, please. Okay last time you verbally abused me on SLV and this is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. BACK OFF BUDDY...Consider that a warning. Verbal abuse?
  2. I would but I think I read somewhere that Bruce doesn't understand why people rate the song so highly It's because he rarely plays it. If he started playing POS songs like "The Big Muddy" and "Real Man," setlist watchers would still go ape-shit about it.
  3. Would people care about "The Price You Pay" as much if it got 8 more plays?
  4. There seems to be an awful lot of chitter chatter and disinterest during Drive all night. It's a horrible stadium song. I notice that the greatest peformances of DAN are always in arenas.
  5. I would take that at Belfast, Cardiff or Leeds Don't count on it. It's going to be the last time DAN will be played this tour.
  6. He is playing album shows in the country's he played shows in last year. Yeah, but they're different cities.
  7. I thought he had enough of the full albums. I feel bad for the devout followers.
  8. Meh for the premieres. One is a goofy Christian song for 5 year olds & the other is well... don't care.
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