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  1. As said above, kinda boils down the current incarnation of the ESB - sounds good, nice track and nice arrangement.
  2. Don't like the jacket. Reminds me of the denim waistcoat on BITUSA video.
  3. Great news for the Aussies and the Kiwis especially, happy for y'all!
  4. nope, not a chance Badlands or Wrecking Ball I think he'll continue with the 'Spirit' opener for a few more shows now...he seems to be thoroughly enjoying the backstage 'Can you feel the spirit' rallying cry! It bloody works...
  5. BTR would be my choice I would be happy with that . That would absolutely make my night.
  6. Ain't Good Enough For You - The Promise It's a crime that this isn't played more.
  7. What do people reckon about Paris? Are gigs there usually good, comparable to Italy, Spain or Scandinavia?
  8. Paris and Belfast or London for me hopefully. Gonna drain the bank account completely.
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