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  1. Bruce with Joe Grushecky at the Wonder Bar July 18, 2015
  2. An absolute disgusting display by Bruce. Hope his bags are packed for Australia
  3. I feel like patti is going to ruin this one live (if she actually tours with the band)
  4. we thinking midnight or an early morning like letter to you
  5. she's a part time member of the band. Only reason she has the job is cause she's sleeping with the boss
  6. Wonder if that means no E street 2021. Or hopefully she won't be on the tour!!!
  7. I guess with no overdubs it takes away the possibility of Clarence or Danny having an old part being used on one of the 3 tracks that have been around for years.
  8. appears this song has a lot of room for development, excited to see how the band plays it
  9. has anyone heard the whole album start to finish yet? Any leaks?
  10. Wonder if esb talked about retiring as stated in olivias post
  11. Patti is in the video wonder if they even turned her guitar on during recording.
  12. That 30 camera shoot that was rumored this was recorded with May turn out to be true
  13. Or he was going through tracks II and rediscovered these. Maybe that’s coming in the near future!
  14. If 3 of these songs were not good enough for albums in the 70’s are we really to be encouraged by this album. Another song he wrote for someone else. Seems like this is just “High Hopes II”
  15. Only reason that I am asking everything else under Bruce on amazon is Columbia.
  16. the amazon post says it is manufactured by BMGS4 which comes back to this. https://www.bmg.com/us/recording.html . Has Bruce ever done work with them before?
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