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  1. I've seen a member of the crew come out and take photos of the signs a few hours before Showtime, presumably so Bruce can choose what to play. I've also seen him look unsuccessfully for a sign, say "it was here earlier", and play whatever song it was without actually having the sign to hand.
  2. Hello - I got 2 tix in a drop - GA and all yours if you want them.

  3. Hi there

    If you still have the spare GA Manchester ticket I'd love to buy it please! Not the best at posting so not sure if you'll get this but my e-mail address is

    All the best.


  4. Hi

    I would really like the 2 x GA tickets for Sunderland if you still have them please? Sorry I'm a bit rubbish at posting so not sure if this is the best way to get in touch. My e-mail address is

    Kind regards