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  1. That was a big shake. I'm in the north Island but as it was happening you knew it was bad somewhere, it went for so long.
  2. Sad that Nils probably won't be coming. My Christchurch ticket just arrived on the courier! Very exciting to have it in my possession.
  3. Awww Aucklands not so bad, makes sense the North Island would get another show, there is a bigger population here. Not that I'm not sad to not get another in Christchurch, especially for all those who missed out. Fingers crossed Mt Smart sells out so we get another one. For everyone visiting Auckland go for desert at Milse in Britomart, they have the most amazing pudding, I go there at least twice whenever I'm in Auckland. So good. The French Market in Parnell on Sunday is pretty awesome too.
  4. What an expensive day, my poor credit card (and my poor house deposit savings). Three concert tickets and two different places for accommodation. The only bright side was I had enough airpoints to fly to Christchurch for free. But come February it will all be worth it. Congrats everyone who got tickets today. Those who may have missed out I hope Friday is kind to you.
  5. Ohhh I will take you up on that! I just booked accommodation on Riccarton Road, I took what I could get, there wasn't a heck of a lot left. It says it is about 2km from the venue, is it safe to walk around that area, esp at nite? I'll be on my own, and while I know there will be a ton of fans around I would rather be safe than sorry. I've never been to Christchurch before so any tips you have on getting around without a car etc would be great.
  6. Done! now my Blood Pressure can return to normal.
  7. No I chose Courier, for $12! (such a rip off) I didn't even notice the ezy ticket, I was in such a rush I didn't really read anything. I feel less panicked for Auckland now that I am home and not at work where people could interrupt me.
  8. How'd you all go? Daisey? Was surprisingly easy to get the ticket for Christchurch.
  9. Good luck to everyone today. I hope we all get the tickets we want.
  10. Regarding the loo situation, I had no problem going during the waiting time pre concert and even the opening acts. One of us stayed and held our spot while the other went to the loo. Bruce fans are the best, at no other concert would I have attempted that it would not have ended well, but as I said Bruce fans are the best!
  11. Aww that sucks Mark. But yay to buying a house! I just moved back in with my parents (neat) in March to save for a deposit on a house, unfortunately the prices are skyrocketing. Does anyone know anywhere close by to the Stadium (within walking distance) that's not too expensive in Christchurch? I just looked and accommodation is going fast, so are flights so I put a hold on mine, would not want to miss out. Its a long drive from Napier to Christchurch.
  12. Great thread! This is Opal, she knows how to relax. I inherited her a few years back she's part Maine Coon. I'm not really a dog person on account that they terrify me, cats for the win!
  13. I don't know how many were in there, but we arrived in Auckland just before 7am and were around number 90 I think. It was a very easy and stress free process.
  14. Ergh! I hated Jimmy Barnes, the first nite someone kind passed around cotton wool for everyone's ears lol! The second nite I didn't even stand up for him, we reserved our energy for the main man. I think I will be doing the same this time, I don't even know who the support acts are.
  15. Last time for AKL #1 we arrived at 7am on the day of the show and were numbers 50something, it was great! So easy, after reading all the stresses of overseas lotteries and queuing I was worried but as Bear said it is pretty relaxed down here. Helps that Kiwis are not really into queuing lol. The more I think about it the more I am wanting to make it to Christchurch, I'm a little worried that with two shows in NZ already announced we might only get one nite in Auckland and naturally I am greedy when it comes to Springsteen and want to get my fill!
  16. Thanks Daisey, good to know. If I do go I would fly from Napier and then walk or taxi around. I just had a look at accommodation and its already selling out down there!
  17. Coming out of the woodwork! Very excited about todays news! Now onto the stress of ticket buying. I am undecided about Christchurch at this time, I've never been there, or to the South Island really but I imagine it will be an epic show. Anyone know what public transport is like down there? Better than Auckland? The last two nites in Auckland were the best! It was probably one of my favourite weekends ever, so much fun. Can not wait to do it all again.
  18. Jungleland (Um why is the font so small, I can't change it? )
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