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  1. I see they’re down to play mad cool festival in Madrid. Only a matter of time till they support Bruce at Hyde park.
  2. He also had the best football chant ever.
  3. Absolutely gutted. I’ve never had a hero die on me. The greatest to lace up his boots, if anybody says any different, I disregard their opinion as ignorant and ill informed. Sad that kids in the future will wonder if he was really that good? He was. Been some great tributes, even in Blighty. RIP El Pibe De Oro. “Maradona es más grande que Pelé” “Olè olè olè olè DIEGO DIEGO”
  4. I honestly think Matip has been the better of the the two over the last 18 months. He’s just made of biscuits though.
  5. Really hard to replicate the magic of ‘in reverse’ live. Overall though, it sounds pretty damn good.
  6. Bruce been reading @stillilllife dream pop thread. This is great, like a endless summer.
  7. He’s like a cat with nine lives, he’ll outlive us all, ole Diego!
  8. I really enjoy Gary Neville’s commentary but trying to compare the clown Paul Pogba to Steven Gerrard is nothing short of ridiculous.
  9. current unbeaten runs at home Liverpool - 63 Wolves - 3 Everton - 3 Spurs - 2 Chelsea - 2 Man City - 1 Man Utd - 1
  10. Matip has been as good if not better than Virgil over the last 18 months. Only problem is he’s made of biscuits. Also probably best to wait for a club statement and not go on what Richard Keys says.
  11. The reworked tracks are new to me too. ‘Janey’ is Bruce turned up to eleven, it’s so damn good. ‘Orphans’ sounds like an out-take off Highway 61 revisited and I mean that as a huge compliment. The closer made me do a little cry. Only problem now is I’m absolutely desperate for a E street fix.
  12. Think they’ve got a live album out soon?
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