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  1. Heroic defending at times. Hopefully Italy rest a few and they top the group.
  2. You’d expect England to top the group now and we know what that means. I don’t think Southgate has a clue what his best eleven is and I doubt he’ll get the time to find out either. Up the sweaty socks!
  3. After weeks of deliberation I’m fully behind Gareth’s army. Fuck the racists. Best fucking play Grealish though ffs.
  4. Kinda feel like I haven’t got a horse in this race. I struggle to get behind England knowing what support they attract. There’s a part of me that would love to see the sweaty socks turn them over. My mums Welsh and the anthem makes we wanna do a cry. Is that enough?
  5. Also heard today it’s exactly the same format as italia 90. Always wondered how ingerlund, Rep of Ireland & Holland all got out of the group.
  6. Only just clocked that If England top their group they will end up playing runner up of group F. What a pisser.
  7. Outro to Tougher than the rest, with added “Woohooo’s”
  8. Reckon he’ll call up Wan-Bissaka now?
  9. Yep. Should probably check my facts before running my mouth off. Did Jurgen not see out his contract then? Pretty sure Dortmund would have him back.
  10. Looks like a big advantage being in pot 2 (unless you get Bayern)
  11. You forgot to mention big Jurgen stopping him winning the Bundesliga & Prem on a shoe string budget, whilst playing (possibly more) attractive football.
  12. Any chance of a review regarding last Wednesday?
  13. Aye, they went pure Rory Delap in stoppage time.
  14. Pep. The question marks are bigger than ever after tonight. Greatest manager of his generation, not a chance.
  15. Fucking small time waving your dick about in this thread. Where have you been for the last 4 days?!
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