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  1. The champions league group stage has become a bit tiresome but that game tonight was excellent European cup football. Just hope we don’t have to play against them again in the knockouts. 21 unbeaten, bring on that horrible lot.
  2. Cardz v Bills Super Bowl is going to be fun.
  3. I don’t think there’s anybody else who can challenge Manchester United for fourth. Which will hopefully keep Ole in a job. Could be out of the title race before November.
  4. What’s the best price in Europe that anyone has found for the book?
  5. You not hear Pep? The power of Anfield. Was similar at your gaff in the 90s when baconface bullied referees and the media.
  6. Glad my second favourite Saleh got the win. People starting to wake up on Kyler & the Cardz. 9ers are cursed. Almost perfect defensive display first half, then injuries & special teams totally fucked us.
  7. I’m starting to get nervous for Ole now, especially with the upcoming fixtures in October & November .
  8. Absolutely brutal, also have family staying so only had 4hrs kip. Broken.
  9. Totally dominate from Citeh. Tommy Tickle made to look like Pep’s little bitch.
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