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  1. Buzzing off Pep’s comments on MOTD. Basically saying we win games by diving/cheating. Sad he has to sink that low. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to spend another 50m on a full back in two months time.
  2. Still can’t work out if the Niners are the real deal or everyone else is stinking the place out.
  3. John Cross from the Mirror rated him 6/10 yesterday and gave Dele Alli 7/10
  4. Seem quite happy to champion a racist going by your username.
  5. Matip has been our best player in 2019. Fantastic news.
  6. European cups in the last 14 years - 2 Wins at Old Trafford in the last 14 years - 2
  7. I watched Klopp’s top 10 games on LFCtv yesterday. Every game was an absolute classic, we’ve been totally spoilt since he arrived. Hopefully he goes out in blaze of glory with Mbappe & Havertz and blows everyone out of the water.
  8. When can I start to get carried away?
  9. 10 games in December and a nice trip to Qatar to contend with.
  10. Niners 3&0 Jimmy the dreamboat still unbeaten at home.
  11. Like Mourinho said, they have signed three good players this summer but still stinking the place out.
  12. On the ropes for most of the second half. Chelsea are still a very good team, hadn’t lost at home in the league since January. Liverpool have been in more champions league finals than premier league defeats over the last 18 months. Batshit.