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  1. You sound like a bigger wool than captain chaos.
  2. It’s a tough choice but I think that was our worst performance of the season. Don’t fancy getting Chelsea in Europe either, if we manage to get through.
  3. Curtis Jones a massive ray of light in a non stop shitstorm of a season.
  4. Mad how this season has been a complete an utter cluster fuck but we are still only 9 points behind the glamorous Manchester United. Whilst still being in with a shout of winning our 7th (seventh) European cup.
  5. His complete arrogance at not watching the monitor after giving the penalty?
  6. I really hope you actually believe that.
  7. I suppose it had to happen in the season where everything that could go wrong, went fucking wrong. Do you have to be from Manchester to referee in the premier league these days?
  8. Main thing, Alisson looked very comfortable with the ball at his feet and he saw a fuckload of the ball. Trent has definitely turned a corner. Curtis Jones should start every game from now on.
  9. Yeah Trent & Robbo have played three years straight. We’ve been lucky with injuries as our squad depth if totally inferior to other top six teams.
  10. English people are probably the most bone idle nation on planet earth when it comes to learning languages. Apparently Spanish & Portuguese people understand each other very well, even though the two sound very different to me. There’s so many ex pats here that you can easily get buy just speaking English and I’d say 75% of Portuguese speak English. I guess that’s why there’s a large number of Americans relocating here too.
  11. Yeah totally agree. Only fit midfielders are Hendo, Gini, Thiago & Curtis. Wonder if that lad from Preston can play in midfield ffs.
  12. I moved to Portugal in September and my next door neighbour is from Alabama and my new drinking buddy is from Washington. It’s like being trapped in a Ted Lasso episode. Hours of fun though.
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