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  1. Reason 20787 that Jurgen Klopp is boss
  2. Van Dijk had a place on Tuesday @50/1 Sadly, soft summer rain had a stinker today
  3. The two big calls went against the 9ers. Not that I’m bitter.
  4. Not even missed our star player. Really hope the media get behind Hendo being named player of the season.
  5. This really isn’t sinking in. You wait you’re entire life for something to happen and.. Nothing. I actually have a ticket for the palace game at the end of March and that may be the day, if City drop anymore points. That might help it sink in a little.
  6. Fuck Bruce touring. We’ve got Tranmere vs The Mighty Manchester United
  7. @doesthisbusstop If/when you decide to show up, I’d like to know whether you still think Jurgen Klopp is a serial loser? Also, could you go into detail how much it hurts watching the worst Manchester United team in your lifetime. Whilst having to watch the best Liverpool team in your lifetime and maybe the greatest club team the world has ever seen? Most appreciated, ta.
  8. I’m glad the goal was chalked off yesterday, gives them nothing to cling onto. Two nill totally flattered them. Apart from the goalkeeper, they are painfully average, all over the park. Even Wan Bissaka looks to have gone backwards under Ole. Long may it continue.
  9. I’m guessing it’s because Matip is back fully training and Dejan is not to far behind either. Fingers crossed we’ll have a fully fit squad by the winter break.
  10. Went to see this last night. Really good, great setlist and the band are superb. Really recommend going if your a big Bob fan.
  11. Maguire’s performance reminded me of me. Waking up this morning after 10 days on the grog.