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  1. This isn’t on the album, no sure why? As it’s great.
  2. Good to have it back. No reason to leave the house on Sunday’s now.
  3. Napoli was a bit of a bummer. Mainly down to the fact that we played last season but they were also, probably the best team in the group.
  4. Shy and humble. I was probably a tad over excited. I told him what an unbelievable goal he scored and he just said thank you. I offered to pay for his petrol and he just laughed. Was happy to have a photo and moved us into better lighting. I wanted to to touch him but luckily resisted.
  5. Not even released his album yet. Give the kid a break.
  6. Went yesterday, first time in two years. An absolute fantastic day, rounded off with meeting Mo after the game in the petrol station.
  7. Agree Wan Bissaka is the better defender but Trent’s right peg is a joy to behold. Wait to you see this Cancelo lad at City. Fucking unreal going forward but doesn’t know the first thing about defending.
  8. Columbia Cigarettes & alcohol Supersonic Shes electric D’you know what I mean Let there be love It’s good to be free Rockin chair Listen up Fade away
  9. That game was mind bending. A total head fuck. Agree with what Jose said about City’s b team.
  10. Major cringe fest at times but you’re dead inside if the film didn’t move you as a Bruce fan.
  11. 40/1 to win the league, before a ball is even kicked. Might as well just give up lads.
  12. Not to fussed if we don’t bring anyone in but it would really grate seeing Coutinho at another premiership club.
  13. Their last album - Dig out your soul is underrated in my opinion.