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  1. I was reading about how amazing Lewandowski goals to game ratio is yesterday and that he’s probably favourite for the ballon do’r. His goals & assist record looked Mo lite to me. Only Ronaldo & Messi have better numbers than Mo. I dunno? 150m plus. Hendo for me. Jordan Henderson doesn’t have a massive ego.
  2. Neil covering ‘the times are a changin’ on his app. Very cool.
  3. An actual real Liam Gallagher quote, not a made up one.
  4. Massive shoutout to @The Chicken Man & @Royston Vasey Best team in England/Europe/Earth Drink it in boys.
  5. Beggars shouldn’t be choosers but really hope Citeh win tomorrow as I want to be with my old man when it finally happens.
  6. Was almost as bad as last seasons at woodison.
  7. Real shame the track Homegrown only lasts 3 minutes. Hope there is an extended version somewhere? Star of Bethlehem is probably the strongest track on the album.
  8. Goodbye Jimmy Reed is an absolute banger.
  9. Nice five star review in the guardian today.
  10. Great read, really enjoyed that. He’s one cool cat.
  11. Looking at your fixtures I don’t think you’ll need to rely on City getting banned to get into the champions league.