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  1. Very convenient now the Micky mousers have won the Prem.
  2. Someone flunked Math Also, let’s not forget that the sale of Phillipe Coutinho paid for those two transfers.
  3. With Ake being left footed, looks like you’re in the market for another CB too. City have spent 317m on defenders since 2017. Through enough shit and summit will stick.
  4. Feel sorry for the toon. Must be like being onto a sure thing with Margot Robbie and then finding out you can’t get a boner.
  5. Least you didn’t call them the cartel.
  6. Read this thread of tweets. Absolutely grim.
  7. Where’s the best place to find some Neil boots?
  8. Ole having a decent run of results only hurts them more. Should be balls deep in Poch this summer.
  9. Kevin De Bruyne wears Jordan Henderson pyjamas.
  10. Me the last time we won the league.
  11. Have a feeling tonight might have a bigger impact in Manchestaaa.
  12. Not a chance Rice Krispie boy is left alone with the cheque book. Doesn’t he still refuse to park in the managers space at Carrington?
  13. Tebas hates them, great to see. "Manchester City will be in the Champions League next season not because they have acted correctly, but rather because CAS is wrong," he fired to ESPN on Wednesday. "In fact, the CAS has fined them €10m, that is not just for the sake of it. From what I've read I gather it is because they didn't cooperate with UEFA. Why is that? "Have City hidden documentation? I would like to read the final ruling now, if I can. "Just as we still have not been able to read PSG's final ruling from CAS, when a lot of time has passed and it is still not available. "The day I sit down and read it I will tell Guardiola that of which I am convinced: Manchester City have not acted right." Tebas also launched a withering criticism of CAS, stating that the Switzerland-based tribunal had lost its legitimacy. "CAS is not fit to hand down rulings in the football industry. We all know what City do! Everyone in football knows what they do," he added. "In fact, when the punishment first reached them nobody in European football was surprised. Quite the contrary. I won't say it was celebrated, but some people did come out and say at least justice has been served to the state-run clubs.  "Instead, after the CAS ruling there have been protests from Klopp, Mourinho... Everyone knows they tried to dodge financial fair play. "CAS is dead. Its rulings have been doubtful for a long time. There is no transparency and a lot of the time, looking at the judges named, you know where their ruling is headed.  "Switzerland has great prestige in arbitration and the CAS does it no favours."
  14. Who wouldn’t want to be Virgil’s next mistake?
  15. Yep. Totally forgot about that. Liverpool pot one - English champions City pot one - European champions Utd - pot one - Europa champions There’s going to be some big teams in pot 2 & 3
  16. Well, what’s the point? Man City’s spending will be chicken feed once Newcastle get going.
  17. A lot of noise on Twitter about them being completely exonerated and UEFA having to apologise. Man City were told on Friday evening.
  18. I was reading about how amazing Lewandowski goals to game ratio is yesterday and that he’s probably favourite for the ballon do’r. His goals & assist record looked Mo lite to me. Only Ronaldo & Messi have better numbers than Mo. I dunno? 150m plus. Hendo for me. Jordan Henderson doesn’t have a massive ego.
  19. Are quite good
  20. Neil covering ‘the times are a changin’ on his app. Very cool.
  21. An actual real Liam Gallagher quote, not a made up one.