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  1. we will know soon enough what will and will not be released
  2. two more months and we will know what is true of all rumors.
  3. 1. Christic shows 1990 2.Freehold, Saint Rose of Lima School, 1996 3.Van Andel Arena, Michigan, 2005 4.Broadway, NY, 2017/2018 5.Bridge School, 1986
  4. thanks for this information Fabrice, well done.
  5. my top five: The Roxy , oct 18, 1975. Wembley Arena, june 5, 1981. New Orleans, april 30, 2006. Freehold, nov 08, 1996. Van Andel Arena, Michigan, aug. 03, 2005.
  6. Yes, give me a Rising show, one from the first part of the tour
  7. I get tickets through the verified fan system,
  8. as far as we know from the Wikileaks papers (Sony hack) He retains the right to sell his downloads of his live concerts himself or through another party if he pays Columbia 12.5% of the gross receipts. And he owns his own master recordings.
  9. The Session Band get my vote, however The Other Band has never had a fair chance to prove himself
  10. an excellent version from The Band at the cd Jericho from Atlantic City
  11. disappointing sales for wrecking ball and the promise in the US