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  1. and no one in the music world has an archive like Bob Dylan
  2. Garcia Live Volume 10 is a two-CD live album by the Jerry Garcia Band. It contains the complete concert recorded on May 20, 1990 at the Hilo Civic Auditorium in Hilo, Hawaii. It was released on February 23, 2018. From February 1986 to November 1993, the lineup of the Jerry Garcia Band was Jerry Garcia (guitar, lead vocals), Melvin Seals (keyboards), John Kahn (bass), David Kemper (drums), Jaclyn LaBranch (backing vocals), and Gloria Jones (backing vocals).
  3. and I'm glad that Springsteen is unpredictable as always and always comes up with a surprise.
  4. On 4 December 2020, Sony ‘released’ 50th Anniversary Collection: 1970 a Bob Dylan collection that included all the outtakes from the ‘New Morning’ and ‘Self Portrait’ sessions that were not already available on The Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait along with a legendary session with George Harrison. This was put out in extremely limited quantities (in Europe only) and these kind of releases have happened for the last eight years and have become known as the ‘Copyright Collection’ series. Due to fan demand this 1970 set is being made available in February 2021 for a full commercial release.
  5. Homegrown is the 40th studio album by Neil Young, released June 19, 2020. The album consists of material recorded between June 1974 and januari 1975.
  6. the last show I saw was in Dallas, April 5 2016, and if this is last show I've seen, so be it, but I'm confident there will be another tour with the E Street Band to follow.
  7. it is hoped that the book will be more interesting and content than the interviews that Steve generally gives.
  8. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Way Down in the Rust Bucket The album was recorded on November 13, 1990 at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA,
  9. my favorite artists besides Bruce Springsteen are: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead.
  10. Bruce Springsteen and The Seeger Sessions Tour Band Wembley Arena, London, november 11, 2006
  11. It's just rock and roll like the Stones sang back in 1974, life is full of highs and lows, and there are more important things in life than Bruce Springsteen, for the record I've been a fan since 1975 and will continue to be all my life and it is all about the music and whether he has had a glass too much or not is not that important.
  12. it may not be the best concert on this list, but here's another fresh, natural Bruce Springsteen, who has yet to prove himself to the world.
  13. Garry Tallent, one of the two remaining founders of the E Street Band.
  14. The Healer is a blues album by John Lee Hooker, released in 1989
  15. I never listen to bootlegs again, and I gave most of them away, and when I feel like listening to a concert, I listen to a record from the archive series, and in the 1970s and 1980s they charged absurd prices for a bootleg and in most cases the quality was not very good either.
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