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  1. This is kinda what I was getting at in my posts yesterday. I have a hard time seeing a cop arrest for DWI without proper proof....regardless of who it is....let alone one of the best well know sons of NJ!! Anxiously waiting for hard proof (no pun!)
  2. Nice to meet you too Jimmy. I wish I had more time to spend on here these days. Sure looking forward to the world getting a bit back to normal so Bruce and the band can hit the road!
  3. To be honest it's been while since I've logged in or read some posts. I think last time was when the new album came out. Been here awhile yes but have not been here in awhile if that makes sense. Seems I wasn't just the only one having the issue. I'll try to keep track of all the usual suspects type of humor better
  4. Was that a joke!? I assume so. Not sure why overnight one thread...just one...would stop working. Update...it's working now.
  5. I'm getting a 403 forbidden page. I've cleared cache/cookies. I posted in the thread last night. I can access all other threads. Odd.
  6. For the sake of Bruce I hope it’s proven it was an error on the officer. I just have a hard time believing some officer in the great state of NJ is going to arrest one of the best known homegrowns and not know what they are doing. He screws up, bye bye job. Am I wrong!?
  7. I hope that bac # is correct. However, it just seems such a low #...not even close to the limit! I can’t see a mistake that bad being made. If it’s true no way Bruce let’s whoever is responsible off easily!
  8. Been working from home for about 2.5 weeks. Nice to hear Bruce for a bit of a change. The Henley song is one of my favorites. Doubt there will be concerts any time soon. I keep reminding myself Bruce is 70 and getting closer to 71. Any music from him these days is good music.
  9. Big 70 birthday wishes to our favorite rocker! Wishing him many more rockin and healthy years to come.
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