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  1. Monthly price for one year membership. I only got it because there is alot of other great studioseminars and I have a small setup, nerdy time.
  2. After seeing the whole episode I do not think that it would be part of the Box, but hopefully some kind of it could be part of a Box set. But it is amazing and really cool to hear how raw the recording is, when Bob C is soloing Bruces vocals you can hear his breathing and the emotions of the song stand so clear. I would like to have a remixed version of the whole album made by Clearmountain in the Box set and a remixed version of ESB Nebraska
  3. This version of Night could be the best since it was the opening song of the 77 tour. They sound very 75-77 in the mix, I like that alot. Bruce really sing/play it like he means it. Great opening 3 pack. And how I miss C...
  4. Tonights sign most be the greatest rock'n'roll Tifo ever made and maybe the first? If the energy is close to last year then it will a great great night.
  5. More like Zimbabwe, I would assume. The same "generic" type of labels was used for a handful of Springsteen 7" and 12" singles distributed in Zimbabwe during the 1980s, although these are believed to actually be "recycled" leftover copies from South Africa. In any event, I've never seen a copy of the "Tunnel Of Love" LP in this particular form before. I believe that it is a Zimbabwe pressing, in the right lower corner on the back it says 4A Belmont Printers. That I have seen on other Zimbabwe records not only Bruce. All Bruce records from Greetings to HT/LT, except Live box have been pressed at the plant in Harere. I have the info from a record dealer in Harere, but he says that it is hard to find copies now. But anyway a great find. -christian
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