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  1. Monthly price for one year membership. I only got it because there is alot of other great studioseminars and I have a small setup, nerdy time.
  2. After seeing the whole episode I do not think that it would be part of the Box, but hopefully some kind of it could be part of a Box set. But it is amazing and really cool to hear how raw the recording is, when Bob C is soloing Bruces vocals you can hear his breathing and the emotions of the song stand so clear. I would like to have a remixed version of the whole album made by Clearmountain in the Box set and a remixed version of ESB Nebraska
  3. This version of Night could be the best since it was the opening song of the 77 tour. They sound very 75-77 in the mix, I like that alot. Bruce really sing/play it like he means it. Great opening 3 pack. And how I miss C...
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