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  1. Still not 100% sure why I love this so much. But I do.
  2. "Thomond Park July 16th, Pairc Ui Chaoimh July 18th, Kings Hall Arena July 20th. Tx next Thu at 9am :-)"
  3. It pretty much was, and there was no shortage of people standing either. 10000 free spaces? Seems strange.
  4. Haha yeah, I walked by the massive "For Dads Who Love Rock" sign wearing my BS t-shirt and, as a childless 18 year old, had a giggle at the irony. (Although it would hardly be uncommon in Scotland )
  5. That'd be almost worth voting Yes for... haha. I still think its weird that he scheduled 2 stand alone shows for middle England. With that and the ticket price alot of people from both ends of the UK will be put off.