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  1. Came across this early this morning. Not sure if it was ever posted or discussed. show notes: Making it as a musician takes talent, ambition, grit and a good bit of luck. In the first episode of Beyond the CANVAS, we sit down with icons Bruce Springsteen, Reba McEntire, Yo-Yo Ma, Louis York and others to talk about some of their most vulnerable moments. https://youtu.be/dApyP1O9hYs
  2. wild's goalie alex stalock's mask in 3-0 shutout of the vancouver canucks
  3. saw a post on another site announcing this so thought i'd share the info here. in remembrance of the Asbury Park Civil Unrest that started on July 4, 1970 (damn, fifty years and look how far we haven't come) this amazing documentary of a city before and after it was nearly burned to the ground and given up for as dead and it's rise again......and it's musical history has been made available for viewing on youtube until August 31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP1WRZczkIs&feature=emb_err_woyt
  4. from the youtube info: Bruce puts some of Robert Pinsky's An Explanation of America (from "IV Countries and Explanations") to music and segues into "Born to Run". On May 5, 2010, I put together Robert and Bruce for a conversation with Wesley Stace to explore the relationship between poetry and music and the "popular" and "literary" arts in general. What followed was a wonderful conversation and collaboration between two great artists, born in the same hospital a decade apart, who had never met until an hour before the show.There were about 350 students and faculty in the audience, and both Robert and Bruce donated their time because, well, it was a really good idea. I had that idea three years before, when I put together the first WAMFEST: The Words and Music Festival with the idea of breaking down the barriers between the arts of the people and the arts of the academy in order to provide a model for my students in the creative writing program at FDU. Since then, I've produced over thirty performances along those lines. With a special thanks to Barbara Carr and Jan Stabile at Jon Landau Management, Inc. for their support and permission. pTV--Poetry TV--is devoted to presenting collaborative work by poets, writers, songwriters, and visual and performing artists. Please subscribe. The rest of this hour and a half show along with many others will be released periodically. For more information, please contact David Daniel at fortheloveofitall@gmail.com.
  5. https://www.app.com/story/news/local/animals/2020/05/11/deer-herd-roams-manasquans-beaches-and-streets/3108424001/
  6. "Who is the lady in that picture?" it's maureen orth. she wrote the springsteen newsweek cover story back in 1975. https://maureenorth.com/
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