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  1. Thanks. I did have a look but the link was gone. Are all versions the same?
  2. Morning. Hope everyone is doing well. Would anyone have the 28 Apr 2005 Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX show? Very appreciated
  3. Would anyone have a link for the 1995-08-10 Cheers, Long Branch, NJ appearance? I checked on Jungleland but couldn't find it. Thank you.
  4. Is the JEMS version of 9-1-1978 Detroit better than the previous three disc set?
  5. May I request two Godfather titles? 2008-06-18 Amsterdam "Come On Man... Stand On It!" 2007-10-06 Pennsylvania A Reason To Begin Again Thank you in advance.
  6. I just missed this one. Could anyone that grabbed it do a repost when possible? Thank you.
  7. Would anyone have the July 17 2011 Wonder Bar Asbury Park set?
  8. I can't locate the 10/5/2006 Verona Italy show called Folk & Fire on the Godfather label. Would anyone have it here? Thank you.
  9. Happy Turkey or Tofurky to all here I missed the Richfield OH December 31 1978 Firecracker Earlmv share. Can that be shared again when there's a chance? Thank you.
  10. I was just curious about data storage opinions for music and video. I use Western Digital My Passport 1tb externals for my backup but I read all these negative opinions online about how long drives will last etc. I figure this would be a good place to get some opinions on backup.
  11. Would anyone have the Bruce set from the 2006-12-12 Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ show & the 1981-01-26 Athletic & Convocation Center, South Bend, IN "Notre Dame Game" show on the Masterpiece label?
  12. Just curious what the best cloud based service is to use.
  13. May I make a request for this compilation? 41 Shots Ultimate Sound https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?item=5701&category=cdcomp&page=4
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