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  1. Thank you for your help. I'll have to check back on Jungleland for the other version.
  2. I saw this one too late. Can it be shared again when you get a chance? It looks like the Midnight Dreamer one is rare. Not even on Jungleland. Thank you
  3. Congratulations on the job. No need to apologize for anything. We're all friends here.
  4. I didn't get to these on time and wanted to know if they could be shared again when theres a chance. Thank you 2007-10-06 Philadelphia, PA - A Reason To Begin Again (Godfatherecords) 2008-06-18 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Come On Man...Stand On It! (Godfatherecords) 1974-06-03 - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH (Where The Four Winds Blow) (Godfatherecords)
  5. Thank you. I've never seen this one anywhere before.
  6. Does anyone have the July 1 1978 Berkeley show that JEMS put out with some of the soundcheck?
  7. Hi mickb. Can't thank you enough for your help.
  8. Does anyone have these Ubers to share? 2003-03-07 Atlantic City - 'The Tables Are Waiting' (Uber Vol. 40) 1975-12-31 Mixed Down Uber Series Vol 33 2004-12-19 - Harry's Roadhouse, Asbury Park, NJ (late show - Uber Series Vol. 31) Thank you
  9. Great. Thank you. I saw that at a record show years ago but I passed for some reason .
  10. Is there a vinyl rip of the Visitation At Fort Horn boot?
  11. May I request this show again? Not sure how I missed it. Thanks
  12. Can you share the 2003 soundcheck and the Good Morning America & Conan ones? Thanks
  13. I don't have this one. Can you post it when you get a chance? Thanks.
  14. Morning. Would anyone happen to have this one? 2005 - Live Acoustic "Tunnel of Love" (1CD) Thanks
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