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  1. Wow, Just WOW!! I can't believe my Bro has met Bruce... Bruce Springsteen... Our God... The Boss... OMG!!. I had to pick him up from the train station last night, as I was so looking forward to seeing the pics, but I was warned that I couldn't hold the phone as I'm a little bit clumsy as I might have broken it. (charmin) those pics will be copied and copied. So pleased for yer wor kid ...... your Smile melts me. Fucking flies. Saved as wallpaper pic.
  2. Bruce in a church.. could all that bullshit be true then .
  3. I only put the words in CAPITALS, just like what you did, dear.
  4. Brother.. fucking brother.. I have no Brother now No kid (pardon the pun wor kid) the ticket couldn't go to a more deserving fan and it's about time. enjoy it Bro.... yer twat
  5. I said 'punch any fucka with green clothes on, i.e the background.... NOT punch a fucka who's green.. I know he's WHITE.
  6. I might go outside and punch any fucker with green clothes on.
  7. A chance to meet Bruce Springsteen... OMFG the F stands for FUCKING btw.
  8. When I was a very young man, I heard about a bloke who was born under a star and people worshiped him and people travelled for miles to see him... Jesus fucking Christ, I found out his name was Bruce Springsteen.
  9. FUCKS SAKE, I really want to go back to Asbury park. Every time I think about it, I get upset, but in a good way, even at work I was telling someone about our trip to AP and I could feel myself losing it, so I had to talk about fucking sausages or somic to get my mind of it, customer give me a funny look. To see Bruce in NJ must be awesome, enjoy G99 and everyone else.
  10. My daughter and I went to NYC in April this year for two weeks and visited AP. Best holiday of my life, and AP was full of those bloody flies that aim for your eyes. You have to go to One World Trade and hang out in the observatory for at least three hours or more.
  11. Wow, didn't know that, I'm glad I took that pic now.
  12. Grrr, you made me look at my payment card.... I REALLY WANNA GO BACK NOW.