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  1. I don't see any discussion of the film version of the song. What does everyone think?
  2. Racing was always my favorite BS song. For some reason it always brings a tear to my eye, like Moonlight Motel. Just that right mix of somber melody and lyric.
  3. It was mentioned on E Street Radio that women are quite taken with this album. I would agree. My wife likes Bruce, and I have taken her with me to 15-16 concerts including Broadway, but this album has really captured her. Also, her daughter, my step-daughter, is obsessed with it. The funny thing is so is her dog. She sent me footage of her little dog howling to the instrumental of Chasing Wild Horses. The little guy was looking up and howling at the top of his lungs.
  5. More background singing, Bruce sounds just as strong as the album. Here is the video:
  6. "It's a knockout."