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  1. I was thinking how do I know that name? Yes, the Bystander effect. I knew a behavioural scientist a while back who referenced this story a lot. Might check it out.
  2. That Passengers film. I quite like Pratt and Lawrence but, crikey, this was one seriously bland sci-if film. Nothing remotely interesting happened at all.
  3. Just looked at your last post, Kendo. Are you a fellow medic?

  4. Yuk! Serves him right though for pointing out that sign request to Bruce for Bogey Wonderland.
  5. I can think of something odder: Bruce holding up Clarence! Imagine, however, the alternative reality of this being the cover of Born to Run? That might have changed the course of music history, no matter how good the songs were.
  6. Xerox photocopier (as in the office Christmas party!)
  7. I saw this in the cinema at the end of last year. It has Murray and Jermaine in it from Flight of the Conchords - superb.
  8. Happiness is egg-shaped (The Seahorses)
  9. All together now (The Farm)
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