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  1. Who has a copy of this? I would love to find this. My 2nd show. There is a Nugs release. I have the next night but I have never seen any of this.
  2. Bruce mentioned his old painful knees on his radio show yesterday. The second clip begins with the legendary knee drop. But now it hurts to watch.
  3. I used to think we "danced all night to a Strawberry Band" But I'm not sure if that was from me mishearing the lyrics or if Manfred Mann actually sang Strawberry. I had that Roaring Silence album as a little kid and knew all 3 of the covers from Manfred Mann long before I ever heard Springsteen play them.
  4. I'm hoping for anything with significant video available to go with it. That June 27 2000 release a couple months ago was spectacular because it fit the video of that show perfectly.
  5. You should really see Leeds with Nugs audio. It's friggin awesome.
  6. The 2nd hour is more interesting than the first. It's Local news footage from throughout the tour. The sync issue is solved by setting the audio delay to +600ms
  7. The audio is completely out of sync making it unwatchable. It claims Alpine Valley is in Troy Michigan (It's in Wisconsin). After an hour it seems to be mostly recurring soundless video under the audio book of the autobiography. I can't go any further. 7 hours of this?
  8. Aren't Dallas and NO available in Pro Shot video with soundboard audio? I guess I'm not a stickler for source. Everything but Melbourne has an official soundboard source available in some manner. Melbourne is the only 2014 show we are reliant on audience sources only I guess was my original point.
  9. Pretty sure there is only one show completely missing from 2014. CT was available and can be easily found you just can't buy it anymore. The one that never came out was an Australian show that I can't recall off hand. Melbourne maybe?
  10. How can anybody complain about a movie that has this in it? I can't even express how much I love this movie.
  11. Springsteen and I is Awesome. So much great concert footage much of it never before seen. And what had been seen before was dubbed with direct audio. I still watch it, though there was nothing like seeing it on the big screen.
  12. I thought the movie was ok, a little silly. To say it's much better than a Theatrically released Springsteen Concert film? That's insane. I will never understand how people complain about Springsteen and I.
  13. Back In Your Arms 10/4/2003. The good side was I went to the porta johns on the field so I wasn't like in a concourse bathroom, you could see from line and hear from the porta john. But I had left my seat right outside the pit to walk 100 yards away and be inside the porta stank while he's playing a dream song (It's a little more standard now than in 2003 but not much). I know the feeling.
  14. Has anyone noticed that Bruce ends up with someone's phone after crowd surfing in Brisbane Australia in BOTH 2014 and 2017. That's just weird. Bruce even says in 2017 "this is a first" But it's not a first it happened in the same place 3 years earlier.
  15. No, I am 50. My kids like Muse. It is a new band that appeals to kids. The old man singing the creepy song to a muse fan is obviously singing about a child but I'm the obnoxious troll.
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