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  1. If it was favored princess Tommy Brady, he would be gone. But for Mason Rudolph, doubtful.
  2. Randall should be suspended also for his cheap shot. Randall knocks out Johnson The Browns are turning into the Bengals with all the cheap stuff.
  3. Hope you all get a chance to see it, it's pretty good. Nice to see a different side of Clarence's life. But kinda surprised that Bruce wasn't interviewed at all, or at least not included. I'm curious about why that was, whether they didn't reach out to Bruce or if he declined. But indeed, order the good wine.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check it out.
  5. And their next 6 games are against the Browns, Bengals, Browns again, Cardinals, Bills and Jets. If they don't go into their season finale against the Ravens with at worst 9 wins, even with playing the backup QB, that would be embarrassing. One problem is, losing to a winless Bengals team would be right up the Steelers alley during the Tomlin era.
  6. Our Nabisco came to us about 7 years ago with a lot of issues as well. We originally were fostering him, but no one wanted to adopt him because he just did not trust and would not engage with anyone. We decided to adopt him ourselves, and he's light years better now than he was then, but he's still got issues. But we don't regret it for a minute, he's a really sweet dog. Keep the faith with Red, it's worth it.
  7. For some reason, Kelce has a fascination this morning with the pitcher. Oh to be a kitten....
  8. Good stuff, thanks for posting it. He was definitely more relaxed than on the Kimmel show.
  9. Maybe the article doesn't mention every song included, but how can Steven issue such a wide ranging box set without including this great underappreciated song? Granted it was done for a movie and not one of the albums, but he still should have found a way to include it. The Time Of Your Life The Time Of Your Life live
  10. From the Washington Post.... The Boss as auteur Springsteen conquered music and Broadway. Now he’s making movies.
  11. We just moved to Wilmington, which unfortunately means we'll probably have to travel to see a show. Raleigh is 2 hours away so that would be possible, but it's not the same as living in the DC area and always getting shows.
  12. Just got done watching it and I liked it. But I did have some issues: