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  1. We took Nabisco and Ivy to the beach today for the first time ever. Didn't go too bad, though neither one of them wanted anything to do with the water.
  2. That's something I would love to see. But "in select theaters" probably means it won't be in our area. Probably have to wait for a cable release.
  3. Looks like next year will be the last for BCS. And this year will bring back some familiar faces. 'Better Call Saul' Ending With Season 6 on AMC
  4. Going to see this one today. Edit: Highly recommend this one, it's a sobering look at death row.
  5. One of those, Lean On Me, was covered by Nils many times in his older shows. Here's an example with some other guy you may have heard of.... .Nils covering Lean On Me
  6. You mean this one didn't make it as a radio hit too??? F!#*in Up
  7. Posted this in Loose ends by mistake. Here it is again. Next week for three nights in prime time, the three all-time top Jeopardy contestants go mano-a-mano-a-mano for the title of greatest of all time. Can the other guys keep up with King James? .ONLY 1 CHAMP WILL BE ‘THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME’
  8. I'm sure in that case Jerry would modestly assume the HC position himself to lead his team to the promised land.
  9. Saw an ad that AMC will be running another Breaking Bad marathon starting January 19th. Think it said they will be showing episodes all day every Sunday for some number of weeks. Good way to get ready for the new season of BCS. edit: it's 5 Sunday's in January and February
  10. I know all the originals by heart. Never watched the others though.
  11. They're both available on Jungleland.
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    Quite a few here. The Traders Den