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  1. "It also happens to be the most classically, unabashedly E Street-sounding album since at least The River. "
  2. How about an album of songs that ended up on a Southside album... The Fever You Mean So Much To Me Love On The Wrong Side Of Town When You Dance Hearts Of Stone Talk To Me Trapped Again All The Way Home
  3. I've loved If I Was The Priest ever since I heard it on one of those old bootlegs I bought in the early 80's. Very much interested to see what this sounds like with the band playing it (hoping that will be the case).
  4. Ironic, she was an answer on Jeopardy last night. RIP.
  5. That's terrible to hear. What a player he was. And an entrepreneur too!
  6. I liked The Martian, despite the Abba music.
  7. My guess would be late season rainouts. If the game doesn’t affect the post season, why bother?
  8. That’s great you were able to be there Dan. You were a witness to a record that truly will never be broken. Growing up I was a baseball nut, lived it and breathed it 24/7. But as I got older and the labor issues in baseball began happening all too frequently, I started getting disillusioned about the game. Then when the strike in 1994 occurred that wiped out the post-season, and they finally came back the next year without resolving the pay issue, that was it for me, I was done with MLB since it became obvious to me that they didn’t care about the fans. The one exception was Cal. He was t
  9. Our cats do that all the time too Daisey, drives the wife crazy. I don’t mind too much, but when they start messing with my beer that’s when I get serious.
  10. Yea it's hard to understand how people can be so cruel. Ranger had issues with males so I assume it was a man who abused him. I never walked him because of that. Our Nabisco was scared of males when we were fostering him 9 or so years ago and I think it was the same with him. But he finally came out of his shell and trusted me. Hoping Ranger does the same in his new home.
  11. Nice tribute column from John Feinstein.... Tom Seaver was my boyhood idol. He never let me down. The first time I met Tom Seaver, I was more nervous than I ever had been introducing myself to an athlete. It was 1981. I had worked at The Washington Post for four years. I had covered the Final Four and written about corrupt cops. But this was Tom Seaver. Tom Terrific. The Franchise. My boyhood hero. I already had learned that meeting athletes you looked up to as a kid could be dangerous because they could disappoint you. When someone falls off a pedestal you have create
  12. We had another happy ending last week at our shelter. Ranger went to hopefully his forever home. He had been at the shelter for 902 days!!! They found him tied up on the side of a road during a rainstorm, apparently skin and bones. Took almost three years and lots of love and patience by the shelter staff but looks like all's well that ends well. Lots of tears shed by the staff.
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