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  1. Sorry about that. Somehow assumed it was Dan. Gotta get the eyes checked. Thanks for the info.
  2. That looks neat Dan. What's in it? Is it just pictures and drawings or is there text also?
  3. Tom Morello was on the Stern show today and of course Bruce came up. Below is a summary of the appearance from Howard's website along with a couple youtube links. Tom Morello Surprised Bruce Springsteen During “The Ghost of Tom Joad” Performance Howard Stern Show: Tom Morello Interview 02/24/2021 (FULL AUDIO) With a large picture of him performing with Bruce Springsteen looming in the background, Tom spoke of his relationship with the rock icon and former boss. “I’m not a casual Bruce Springsteen fan,” he admitted of Springsteen, whom he first became acquainted with when Rage A
  4. What a great clip Eileen. Dreams can come true.
  5. This is too funny. How many times have you felt like doing this? At least the guy says please and thank you. A Guy On A Megaphone Shames A Woman For Ignoring Her Dog’s Poop
  6. Our QB got a shout out at the impeachment trial. Who knew Ben is such a political mover. Trump lawyer mistakenly refers to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
  7. My condolences Dan. Never easy losing a parent or any loved one. May she rest in peace. Hard to imagine you saying Yesterday is a dumb song.
  8. Here's a good example of how medication can impair a person to the point where they shouldn't be driving. It's not pretty. And Tiger didn't have any alcohol in his system. Dashcam video released of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest
  9. He was also charged with reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area, so those may still have some validity.
  10. Mine was 40. And things were very different back then, but it was still a big lesson learned for me.
  11. Bruce will join the Light Of Day lineup this Saturday the 13th, which also includes Steven and the DOS. Springsteen will join Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers at Light of Day show
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