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  1. Funny timing to that tweet. I hadn't really dived into the Nugs catelog until over the past weekend, and in doing so I found one of my holy grails. The Jerry Garcia Band at the Warner Theatre in DC from 1978. Been playing it LOUD in my car all week.
  2. It's official, we have a new member of the family. The wife picked up one of our former foster kitties at the vet today. His new name is Kelce. He just got fixed so he has to be kept away from the other critters for a couple of weeks. We'll see how he fits in.
  3. This cartoon fits me to a tee. I'm always telling the wife something like I ran into Diesel's mom on the walk. Why is it I can remember pets names before humans names? Anyone else have this "problem"?
  4. Gotta love the passionate US fans.... Crowd Chants “F*** Trump!” After U.S. Women’s World Cup Victory On Fox News Broadcast
  5. Another one from Ian Hunter, for David Bowie. Dandy
  6. This Scorsese film is now available on Netflix. Definitely have to check it out. See Bob Dylan at his most enigmatic in Scorsese’s ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’
  7. Listened to one of my favorite eulogy songs today and was curious if you all have a particular tribute song that an artist has written to memorialize someone who has passed away. These two are among my favorites: Hello It's Me, written by Lou Reed and John Cale for Andy Warhol Hello It's Me Michael Picasso, written by Ian Hunter for Mick Ronson Michael Picasso
  8. So we got two new additions to the house today. The wife decided that we just HAD to foster these two kittens that just came into the local shelter a couple weeks ago. The black one is Kai, and the stripped one is Kelsey. They are from the same litter and just weeks old. Tiny little things. Kai is a real cuddler, and Kelsey is just curious about everything. We're keeping them in one of the bathrooms for a couple days until I can get a room in the basement cleared out for them, and then slowly introduce them to the rest of our critters. Guess we'll have them for a few weeks minimum until they are ready for adoption. But who knows what the wife will do. She fell in love with Kelsey at first site, and Kai cuddles real good with her (which our other cats won't), so she may want to adopt one or both. Stay tuned.....
  9. Hmmm, you have a point. Except one of my goals is to never see snow again.
  10. Then yesterday morning on our way out of town, we stopped at the local IHOP to fuel up for the ride and TOL was playing. Carolina seems to be calling.
  11. Traveled to Wilmington NC today to start looking for houses for our retirement move south. Got into town and stopped at a restaurant to have some lunch and low and behold look what is on the wall corridor to the bathrooms.... A good omen?
  12. Finally started this one. So far so good ....
  13. My wife drove three hours up and back to go to the Eagles parade when they won the SB a couple years ago. She said it was a crazy time and well worth it. I'm sure St. Louis will be just as crazy.
  14. From last in the league in early January to winning the Cup. Quite a story. Congrats Jimmy. You going to the parade?