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  1. Thought this story was good for a laugh. Our previous dog Juno was just like this dog, couldn't leave the cicadas alone. My name is Max, and I have a cicada problem A tale of a dog who can’t stop eating the bugs My name is Max, and I’m a 13-month-old dachshund who loves to eat cicadas. And I’m not picky. I eat cicadas that are alive with fluttering wings, dead cicadas that are stiff and dried-out, partially molted cicadas frozen in their exoskeletons, and I especially enjoy eating moist cicada nymphs fresh out of the ground. I can even slurp cicada larvae
  2. This is a pretty good special on cable of Crosby. He acknowledges that pretty much everyone he ever made music with hates him. David Crosby: Remember My Name | Official Trailer HD (2019)
  3. Ovi is a clown. Did you see his reaction when their goalie screwed up in the OT of game 3 that lost them the game? He was cussing out his own teammate on national TV, just what you want your captain to be doing.
  4. Well if Jarry keeps assisting on the goals scored against himself, it will be over tomorrow. What a horrible way to lose any game, much less a pivotal game 5 in OT.
  5. Cheap Trick - Gimme Some Truth on the Stern show
  6. The NHL is a joke in the way it refuses to get people like Wilson out of the league. But given who is doling out the punishment, this isn't surprising. George Parros, the "head of player safety" for the league, had quite the career. In 474 games as a player, he racked up 1,092 penalty minutes while scoring a whopping 36 total points. There's no way he should be in this position and the Rangers were absolutely correct to call for his firing after this embarrassment.
  7. One of THE greatest debut albums ever....
  8. Looks like we probably won't see the final season until next year. But still getting psyched. Better Call Saul season 6: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know
  9. Found this.... (L-R) top row: John Ward, Gary Van Scyoc, Wayne "Tex" Gabriel, Jim Keltner, Rick Frank, Adam Ippolito and Stan Bronstein of Elephants Memory. (L-R) bottom row: Phil Spector, John Lennon and Yoko Ono backstage at One To One concert at MSG, NYC. August 30, 1972. Image #: R-175 © Bob Gruen
  10. I put one of these up in our garden today.
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