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  1. Got tickets to see him next year in Charlotte. Get better old man
  2. I thought he looked rather thin at the memorial. But my theory is that since he doesn’t wear the coat and tie very often, that the coat and shirt were old wardrobe from his more buff days and thus now hanging on him a bit. That’s how my dad sometimes looked in his later years. Time to get a new suit Bruce, think you can afford it.
  3. MLB expands list of who can wear No. 21 to honor Roberto Clemente on Sept. 15
  4. It wasn't a very big crowd, maybe a dozen people total. I had much less reservations about going back to the movies than I did going back to seeing a concert. But I did that too.
  5. Pretty good for someone who didn’t practice.
  6. I worked most of my career in the aviation industry supporting the FAA. On that day our office was in NW Washington a few blocks north of the White House. I shared a pod with four other people including a former air traffic controller. He had access to websites that monitored the air traffic controllers communications and we heard in real-time some of the chaos that was unfolding with air travel. And the White House and surrounding buildings were evacuated because of the threat of attack and alot of those people were streaming by our building to get away from it. As for getting home, I lived in Virginia and rode the bus to work. But in emergency situations our busses would not come into the city and we would have to use metro or maybe the train, both of which go right by or stop at the Pentagon, so not ideal options either. I really don't remember how I got home that night, just know it took a long time. Also during that time I went to monthly meetings up in Atlantic City, drive up on a Wednesday for the Thursday meeting. Our meeting that month was on the 13th, so I drove up the day after the attacks. By that time the FAA had put a ground stop to all air travel in the CONUS for a few days, so there was nothing in the air. I always like seeing the contrails from planes, knowing that someone is going somewhere. But driving three hours and seeing none of that in the sky was another sad reminder.
  7. Nice version of I’ll See You In My Dreams, but he looked alarmingly thin.
  8. When this show occurred, it was broadcast locally on the radio. For some reason I wasn't able to get back to Pittsburgh to record it. So I sent a note to either Joe's website or through his fan club asking if it would be rebroadcast. And Joe was nice enough to send me a cassette with about 90 minutes of the show along with a hand-written note. As for Gimme Shelter, I bought the CD single you reference at a record fair just for that song, and it is a smoking version.
  9. This should be good, great album from Joe. Here's some clips from those shows. Never Be Enough Time - Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky the Houserockers(20-10-1995 Nicks Fat City) Homestead - Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky The Houserockers (20-10-1995 Nick's Fat City) What Did You Do In The War - Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky the Houserockers (20-10-1995 )
  10. We saw this one today in the theater, pretty good. But dealt with the troubles in her life a lot more than I was expecting. Hudson sure can sing though, and the film ended in the credits with the late QOS herself singing at the Carole King Kennedy Center tribute (link below) Aretha Franklin sings "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
  11. Yup. But your comparison to Keith isn’t maybe the best. Keith and Mick are partners, Steve is mainly an employee. Writing songs for Bruce isn't in his job description. And Steve does get production credits on some of the albums, so there is a contribution on his part.
  12. In all fairness, Steve has written a whole bunch of great songs, just nothing that's on Bruce albums or played regularly at Bruce concerts. Just ask Southside or listen to a DOS album.
  13. Something different I found today. Patti Scialfa and Nils Lofgren rehearsing Murder Incorporated 1996
  14. I’m hoping they’ll try something different, like LOHAD or maybe Patti’s People Have The Power.
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