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  1. As was I. Full band The Promise, one of my lifetime concert-going highlights. The Promise
  2. Maybe this will put a smile on your face....
  3. Dave Matthews played a livestream "show" the other night. It included a new song. Pay It Forward livestream show
  4. How cute are these guys? A litter of 7 lab pups at the shelter where I volunteer. I'm sure they'll all get adopted quick as soon as they're available. Momma is at the shelter too and is sweet as can be.
  5. Ivy and Kelce say hi back as they espouse that all cats and dogs can get along to get through this mess.
  6. But on the positive side, since we moved here to North Carolina, the wife and I have started volunteering at a sea turtle rescue hospital. They currently have over 100 sea turtles that are being nursed back to health in hopes they can be eventually released back into the ocean. It's some hard work but it's very rewarding seeing these magnificent creatures and feeling like you're helping them live a full life. So I feel like I have a bunch of new critter family members.
  7. So the Coronavirus is not only affecting us humans but the critters too. We adopted our pup Ivy about two years ago and she came with some pretty bad allergy issues. We had it under control for the most part when we were living in Virginia, but since we moved to North Carolina she's been scratching and biting all the time. The immunotherapy drops we had for Virginia don't seem to be helping her here because the allergens in the grass and trees are different. We made one visit to the allergy experts at NC State and were scheduled to go back again next week for her blood work to determine what's affecting her and get new drops, but they canceled because of the virus situation, so now she's not going to get any meaningful relief for quite awhile. It's hard watching her biting her paws for an hour and not being able to do anything about it. Fingers crossed this virus situation calms down in the not too distant future.
  8. I just finished up this afternoon watching all the BB episodes rebroadcast by AMC over the past 5 weeks. What a great show to binge watch. It's got me all pumped up for the new Saul episodes starting tonight and tomorrow.
  9. The greatest sporting event in our lifetime.
  10. They play each other 3 more times this year including this Sunday. Race for the top spot should go right down to the last games.
  11. Then there's this one.... Valentine by Nils and friends