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  1. I thought he looked rather thin at the memorial. But my theory is that since he doesn’t wear the coat and tie very often, that the coat and shirt were old wardrobe from his more buff days and thus now hanging on him a bit. That’s how my dad sometimes looked in his later years. Time to get a new suit Bruce, think you can afford it.
  2. MLB expands list of who can wear No. 21 to honor Roberto Clemente on Sept. 15
  3. It wasn't a very big crowd, maybe a dozen people total. I had much less reservations about going back to the movies than I did going back to seeing a concert. But I did that too.
  4. Pretty good for someone who didn’t practice.
  5. I worked most of my career in the aviation industry supporting the FAA. On that day our office was in NW Washington a few blocks north of the White House. I shared a pod with four other people including a former air traffic controller. He had access to websites that monitored the air traffic controllers communications and we heard in real-time some of the chaos that was unfolding with air travel. And the White House and surrounding buildings were evacuated because of the threat of attack and alot of those people were streaming by our building to get away from it. As for getting home, I lived in Virginia and rode the bus to work. But in emergency situations our busses would not come into the city and we would have to use metro or maybe the train, both of which go right by or stop at the Pentagon, so not ideal options either. I really don't remember how I got home that night, just know it took a long time. Also during that time I went to monthly meetings up in Atlantic City, drive up on a Wednesday for the Thursday meeting. Our meeting that month was on the 13th, so I drove up the day after the attacks. By that time the FAA had put a ground stop to all air travel in the CONUS for a few days, so there was nothing in the air. I always like seeing the contrails from planes, knowing that someone is going somewhere. But driving three hours and seeing none of that in the sky was another sad reminder.
  6. Nice version of I’ll See You In My Dreams, but he looked alarmingly thin.
  7. When this show occurred, it was broadcast locally on the radio. For some reason I wasn't able to get back to Pittsburgh to record it. So I sent a note to either Joe's website or through his fan club asking if it would be rebroadcast. And Joe was nice enough to send me a cassette with about 90 minutes of the show along with a hand-written note. As for Gimme Shelter, I bought the CD single you reference at a record fair just for that song, and it is a smoking version.
  8. This should be good, great album from Joe. Here's some clips from those shows. Never Be Enough Time - Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky the Houserockers(20-10-1995 Nicks Fat City) Homestead - Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky The Houserockers (20-10-1995 Nick's Fat City) What Did You Do In The War - Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky the Houserockers (20-10-1995 )
  9. We saw this one today in the theater, pretty good. But dealt with the troubles in her life a lot more than I was expecting. Hudson sure can sing though, and the film ended in the credits with the late QOS herself singing at the Carole King Kennedy Center tribute (link below) Aretha Franklin sings "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
  10. Yup. But your comparison to Keith isn’t maybe the best. Keith and Mick are partners, Steve is mainly an employee. Writing songs for Bruce isn't in his job description. And Steve does get production credits on some of the albums, so there is a contribution on his part.
  11. In all fairness, Steve has written a whole bunch of great songs, just nothing that's on Bruce albums or played regularly at Bruce concerts. Just ask Southside or listen to a DOS album.
  12. Something different I found today. Patti Scialfa and Nils Lofgren rehearsing Murder Incorporated 1996
  13. I’m hoping they’ll try something different, like LOHAD or maybe Patti’s People Have The Power.
  14. Plan on going to an actual theater for the first time in a long time to see this one.
  15. Going to the other gender side of the GOAT, Bruce also dedicated a song (think it was Girls In Their Summer Clothes) to Michael Phelps at that great great St. Louis 2008 show.
  16. As a matter of fact, was playing the CD in the car yesterday. But that was mainly cause we were driving out in the sticks and lost the Sirius signal. But yes I still love the album, can't wait to hear the songs live.
  17. The below is available with seeders on Jungleland. You can search on the date to find it. Think that's what you're looking for. http://jungleland.dnsalias.com/torrents-details.php?id=44093 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band May 8, 2000 Hartford, CT Hartford Civic Center -- Source #1: 5x Wireless Sources > 4x DAT Taper: The OG Crew Source #2 DPA4061 > Core Sound Power Supply > Sony TCD-D100 Taper: bossman284 -- Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Sharebear/Hoserama Aligned in Adobe Audition Mixed in Reaper, using extra waves and Ozone plug-ins Dithered using Izotope MBIT+ Flac'ed using Trader's Little Helper Mix version 20210502 -- 01. Intro 02. Roulette 03. Prove it All Night 04. Two Hearts 05. Darlington County 06. Atlantic City 07. My Hometown 08. Independence Day 09. Youngstown 10. Murder Incorporated 11. Badlands 12. Out in the Streets 13. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 14. Brilliant Disguise 15. Because the Night 16. The Ghost of Tom Joad 17. Racing in the Street 18. Light of Day 19. Encore 20. Spirit in the Night 21. Born to Run 22. Encore 23. Thunder Road 24. If I Should Fall Behind 25. Land of Hope and Dreams 26. Encore 27. Ramrod -- How we got here... During the 1999/00 tour, some long-time tapers started experimenting and expanding on recording IEM feeds. As the tour went on, they expanded with extra receivers. Towards the end of the tour, a nearly full set of receivers had been assembled, allowing the crew to pull 5 distinct feeds. Hartford 5/8/2000 was the first of the shows with the full coverage and came just in time for a dynamite show and home stretch of the tour. Of course, while taping the show correctly is probably the most critical part of the process, it's not the only component. Listening to a straight Bruce guitar tech feed is a horrible listen by itself but settling it into a full mix can create a product better than the sum of its parts. Just must get the mixing right. So, AK decided to take the first stab at a 5-IEM matrix using Cool Edit Pro in late 2000, which circulated amongst friends. Not a lot of tools at the time for static clean-up and such, so it was raw. Additionally, none of the feeds had strong upfront vocals, so some parts got buried. Over the next couple years, that mix was later released as part of the "Uber" series. Fast forward to 2018/19, where AK is still eager to do a full mix. Lots of new tools available for mixing, especially some of the new AI extraction modules. These new extraction tools have been a godsend for unlocking IEM mixes in general. AK started playing and tinkering with those, even releasing a sneak peek shortly before the 20th anniversary of the show. However, it just wasn't coming together. So, in true team effort, E from JEMS connected AK to me/hoserama and we started planning. First big step was getting a fresh transfer from the DAT to avoid data dropouts, which our comrade Rockcat provided quickly. Then during Jan/Feb of 2021, I started putting all the pieces together and got about 90% done. The last two months have been just minor tweaks here and there. So now that the show is 21 years old, we can buy it a beer and release the new mix into the world. Just as the initial taping was a team effort, so has the mixing process. Now we'll see how the extractions develop over the next couple years...may end up doing a 25th anniversary release if the tools keep getting better! -- Recording & Mixing Notes: The feeds were generally pretty clean, but there was still periodic static and pops that needed to be cleaned up. You may still hear some remnants of the glitches, but hopefully not too distracting. Like I said above, there were handful of feeds, but still not one for every band member. For example, Nils + Stevie are extracted from stereo field of other feeds. The vocals are extractions from all the feeds, stacked on top of each other. And so on. So, it's a different type of project compared to working from multitrack (like most of the Nugs releases). However, it appears there are no multitrack in the archives for this show, so I doubt we'll see a release from Nugs of the show. Enjoy it for free! As I've done with some of my recent U2 releases, I've done three different mixes. I know folks have their own personal flavor preference: 1. Dry - No Audience recording in the mix, reduced compression. 2. Wet - Lots of audience recording in the mix, higher compression 3. Goldilocks - "Ahh...this porridge is just right". My personal preference on the mix. Audience is automated to key points, although there is a base level of aud throughout the show. Moderate compression. If somebody was really dying to do their own, they could take the dry version and mix it with the audience recording. Have fun if so, just don't release it without asking. -- Show Notes: Considered one of, if not THE top show from the 1999/00 tour. Hot performance, great setlist, nice improv moments (that Honky Tonk Women in Darlington just works too well for it to never appear again...tragic). If you like the era, you shouldn't be disappointed. -- As always, encouraging people to get into taping and mixing. Just take the craft seriously and it will reward you many times over. There's no point in complaining about missing recordings or subpar quality if you're not contributing--pushing 1's and 0's around on the internet is no comparison for taping. -- IEM recordings are not for everyone. If not they're not your thing, either sonically or ethically, there's excellent alternative recordings out there. Similarly, I'm mixing primarily for my ears. This is what sounds best to me. This may not sound best to you. That's a fair statement. I'm open to honest criticism (although you should have caught me when I was working on the mix!), but pointless complaining is unappreciated (naturally). Let's play nice. Or maybe lug in recording equipment and make an alternate mix of your own sources. Or if you really think you could do a better mix, reach out with your resume, and maybe you can have the raw sources. -- Please don't sell this recording in any way - no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of "getting paid for your time". Just share it freely. Please don't convert to mp3, then back to wave, and then trade it around. This stuff is too easy to find on torrents now. Feel free to remaster/remix this recording. Just keep it to your own computer and iPod. Also, please don't torrent or share on other sites without at least dropping me a line and asking. This includes YouTube and Guitars101! I may want to just torrent/share it there myself. Just ask permission, it's not that hard. Please ask (and wait for permission!) before putting it into any matrix + video production. If you ask nicely for a quality high-res video project, I will likely say yes. If you put it on YouTube or cell phone video production without asking, I will send my cats from hell to chew your computer cables. -- Enjoy y'all! - Hoserama/Sharebear ---- And an extra word from our sponsor AK: Back in June 2000, when the original 5 IEM Hartford mix was concocted, the process to align and mix sources like this was rudimentary based on the technology available at the time. Workflow involved aligning the 5 IEM .wavs visually at the beginning of the files to the point that they looked in sync, and then mixing the show together by raising and lowering levels here and there as called for by the song or artist solo. It is important to remember that IEM sources are themselves mixes: each contains a hodgepodge of instrumentation. If, for example I wanted to raise Danny's organ, I did so at the cost of raising the guitars, piano and drums that were also in Danny's IEM feed. Mixing back then was all about trade-offs and compromises. Was having more organ worth burying the vocals or causing phasing issues? When things got out of sync, the process was restarted from the point of lost sync until, painstakingly, a final mixdown was rendered. Slap on a little equalization, track out, burn to CD and the first 5-IEM mixdown was completed in June 2000. Twenty years later in April 2020, following a frustrating series of personal attempts at a better sounding and more professional mix utilizing new AI STEM technology, JEMS put me in touch with Hoserama. I had heard his work from various U2 mix projects, as well as his Springsteen 8/23/09 St. Louis multi-IEM mix. Unfortunately, at the time, Hoserama was deeply involved in work commitments and other projects, and my hope of a Hartford 20th Anniversary mix was shelved indefinitely. Over many months I repeatedly checked in with Hoserama and each time he was still tied up in other projects. Finally in early January 2021 the stars aligned, and as you will hear...so did the source .wav files: Hoserama commenced work on the new Hartford mix. Today, the IEM mixing workflow has been taken to a whole new level starting with .wav file prep (scrubbing for pops, clicks and static). This means hours were spent listening to all five .wav files for any glitches, which were then smoothed, patched, de-clicked, denoised, and masked in ways to make the listener not perceive their faults. Considering there were five, three-hour feeds that means the first phase alone took over 15 hours. Next, Hoserama took on the critical step of manipulating .wav length so that each .wav was in sync practically down to the sample or millisecond. Utilizing the latest in AI STEM models, musical components such as vocals, bass, drums, piano and other instrumentation were extracted from each feed. Many of these elements were processed, further cleaned and composited using additional tools and plug-ins, along with Hoserama's considerable expertise from mixing so many projects of this kind. Within a few days, Hoserama rendered an initial mix. Although that version was inferior to the final mixes presented here, it was excellent nonetheless. Most people would have been quite satisfied at that point. Fortunately, Hoserama had bigger goals in mind. Many test mixes followed, incorporating suggestions from a small group of beta testers as well as Hoserama’s exacting standards. Somewhere in mid-February, a metamorphosis took place where the mix catapulted to a whole new level. JEMS was right. Hoserama was the right person for this unique project. I hope you enjoy the remixed and remastered Hartford 2000. It was worth the wait. --AK
  18. Quite a collection of talent inducted this weekend. But was disappointed they didn't show the ceremonies for those inductees no longer with us, particularly Bill Nunn. Found his ceremony here. Bill Nunn enshrined as member of Pro Football Hall of Fame Bill and 4 other Steelers were inducted so lots of black and gold on display. But I got another extra remembrance. Jim Covert of the Bears, in his speech, gave a shout-out to the late Joe Moore who was his line coach during his collage days at Pitt. Before going to Pitt, Coach Moore was hired by my high school to coach our football team and turned around a mediocre-at-best program into what would become one of the powers of Western PA football. That legacy continues to this day.
  19. Just looked at the Wiki Bruce page and was surprised to see that he's performed Frankie only 25 times over the years, almost half of them during that 76 Chicken Scratch tour. Thought it had been played more. Feel fortunate that I got to hear it at my very first show.
  20. No disgrace in silver. Gotta be some proud parents back in Jersey.
  21. Here was her ride today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei5XoCCLeSk
  22. Well done team. Jess going for the gold! TV guide says NBCSN will show the qualifying round starting at 2:45 ET today.
  23. Think I read the same about ZZ Top in an article about Dusty Hill’s passing, that they rode on 3 separate buses. Interesting how folks can not like each other but make such wonderful music together.
  24. Jessica Springsteen talks, but not about her dad, after Olympic equestrian debut Jessica Springsteen approached the reporters lining a partition inside an interview area and glanced at the voice recorders piled onto three brown plastic trays in front of her. “Wow,” she said. If you can’t start a fire without a spark, as her father famously sang, then maybe the horde of media who came to see show jumping’s biggest last name in the Tokyo Olympics could ignite interest in a sport often confined to the privileged. It would certainly help if the daughter of musicians Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa could talk about more than her horse. As reporters waited to speak with Jessica Springsteen on Tuesday night, they were warned not to ask about her family. Reporters who promised to ask about her performance in the individual jumping qualifier at Equestrian Park were identified, and theirs were the only questions taken before a media manager from U.S. Equestrian halted the interview after 1 minute and 26 seconds. That nearly equaled the amount of time Springsteen lasted in her Olympic debut. She finished in an 11-way tie for 31st place, needing to finish 30th or higher to advance to the individual final. Her 12-year-old horse, Don Juan van de Donkhoeve, toppled a few bars toward the end of a routine he finished in 87.15 seconds on an uncharacteristically cool, breezy night. At the time she spoke with reporters, Springsteen was clinging to hopes that she might advance, having been in 24th place with 24 riders left to compete. She praised her horse and said any faults in the routine were hers alone. “My horse jumped unbelievable,” said Springsteen, 29, who was born in Los Angeles but splits most of her time between a home in Florida and European competitions. “I really couldn’t be happier with him.” Having been eliminated from her first competition on this stage, the youngest member of the United States’ show jumping team will next compete on Friday alongside more seasoned counterparts Kent Farrington, 40, Laura Kraut, 55, and McLain Ward, 45. Farrington and Kraut were also eliminated in the individual competition Tuesday, and Ward did not compete. Springsteen wasn't a year old when Kraut made her Olympic debut in 1992 in Barcelona. Two decades later, Springsteen accompanied the U.S. team to the London Olympics in 2012 but did not compete. She did not qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, making her appearance here even more meaningful. “Just to be selected to this team with riders that I’ve looked up to throughout my career is a huge honor for me, and it’s great to be here,” Springsteen, ranked No. 14 in the world, said during a pre-race media conference in which reporters were once again requested not to ask about her family. Springsteen first sat on a pony when she was 4 and had her own pony by 6, taking up show jumping after her family moved from California to New Jersey. She has said riding horses has given her confidence, and told CNN in 2019 that her father found watching her ride “really relaxing.” Her parents were presumably watching from afar Tuesday, with Bruce’s Broadway show on hiatus until Aug. 17. A middle child, Jessica once contributed to one of her father’s songs, joining older brother Evan and younger brother Samuel in providing background vocals on “Down in the Hole.” She studied psychology at Duke, earning her undergraduate degree in 2014, before making show jumping a full-time endeavor. Jessica secured her Olympics invitation after helping the U.S. take first place at the Nations Cup Wellington in March and finishing third at the Rolex Grand Prix of Rome in May. She’s bonded with the horse she’s ridden for nearly two years, saying he’ll whinny every time she walks into the barn. “He’s a stallion, but he’s a really kind horse,” Springsteen said. “He’s super brave, he’s so talented, he does everything so easy, and he really gives me a lot of confidence when I’m going in the ring because I know him like the back of my hand now and he’s so reliable, so that gives me a really good feeling for my first experience at a championship.” Show jumping can be the domain of the rich and famous, with the daughters of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Selleck also among the elite competitors. Reporters seeking Springsteen’s thoughts on whether her sport should be more inclusive would have to wait. There was no time for answers, thoughtful or otherwise. Springsteen walked away after taking five questions, leaving her inquisitors dancing in the dark. https://www.latimes.com/sports/olympics/story/2021-08-03/jessica-springsteen-father-bruce-tokyo-olympics-equestrian
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