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  1. Love this pic. Ringo tweeted it for the 20th anniversary of George's death.
  2. I'm not against the deal in general. The Pens have established a solid fan base now and have a new arena, so I don't think the Boston group will think about moving them. But it's sad that Mario is giving up a big chunk of his ownership share. He is primarily responsible for the Pens still being in Pittsburgh by rescuing them from bankruptcy and/or possible relocation back in 1999. For that, me and lots of others are eternally grateful. But I'm sure he has his reasons for giving up control, and I don't think he'd do it if he thought the Bostoners would move the team. Can Lebron play hockey? He'd be a hell of an enforcer.
  3. Guess we shouldn't be surprised but it's certainly a deserving album. Bruce Springsteen, E Street Band's 'Letter to You' snubbed by Grammys - fans are not happy
  4. RIP to one of the Pirates greats. Pirates great Bill Virdon, star center fielder on 1960 World Series champions, dies at age 90 Bill with a couple of other guys you may remember. That's a pretty good outfield.
  5. If Cincy struggles with East Carolina, anything is possible. Money talks, and ND=$$$. Of course Bama losing could make that a moot point.
  6. Anyone else think that if Cincy and Notre Dame both win their final games next week that somehow ND will mysteriously jump to 4th?
  7. Two new - Ghosts and If I Was The Priest (been waiting a LONG time to hear this one live) Two old - Backstreets (my fav one more time ) and Rockaway The Days (getting close to now or never for him to play it) Two for a rest - Sunny Day and Hungry Heart (but then what would my bathroom break songs be???)
  8. Saw it on Monday and really liked it. A solid end to the Craig era. But makes me wonder about the quality of criminals in this world. All these guys with high powered automatic weapons and none of them can hit Bond.
  9. Loved those old Pirate uniforms. A belt.
  10. It's even worse than that burghfan. The Chiefs game is on the road too. MAYBE they can beat the Brownies, but that's about the only possible W that I see.
  11. Maybe they shoulda played Haskins.
  12. Sadly, our pup Nabisco crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. He was 14 1/2 years old, and we've had him over 10 years. He was originally a foster for us but we couldn't get him adopted because he had a lot of issues, so we just kept him. But outside of having heartworm when we first got him, he was a healthy boy. Then a couple of months or so ago, his eating habits started to change. Usually he would finish a meal in 30 seconds, inhaling like a vacuum cleaner. But he started eating his dry food slower, often one piece at a time. We eventually switched him over to wet food, which we've never done for a dog. That worked for a few days, but then he started turning his nose up to that. So we figured something in his mouth was bothering him. Took him to our vet almost two weeks ago, and they did a dental on him and extracted 5 teeth. We figured that would solve the problem. But then he never ate anything of substance after that. He really wanted to, was still very interested in food, but just couldn't bring himself to eat anything beyond an occasional treat. He went 11 days without eating, and it was painful for us to watch him losing weight and not knowing why he wouldn't eat. Our vets and the the vets at the local emergency room couldn't figure it out. We tried appetite stimulants and different meds, but nothing seemed to work. I thought maybe the vets had missed a bad tooth, or maybe something with his tongue. Finally, they scheduled an ultrasound body scan for him yesterday. The scan found that he had tumors throughout his body, on both kidneys, his liver, his spleen, his lymph nodes. In a way finding that out was good, cause now we finally had an answer and made our decision easier. Chemo wasn't really an option at his age, so for his sake we decided to let him go. As many of you know, not an easy decision to make, the 4th time for us, and just as painful as the previous ones. But we feel we did the right thing for Nabisco, and we just couldn't continue to see him unable to eat and wasting away. Hopefully now he's running with his sister Juno again. Rest easy buddy. We'll miss you.
  13. So here we are this week, yet another chance for a Tomlin era Steeler team to lose to a really bad team. In this case, that's the league-worst-record Lions at 0-8. Steelers have won 4 in a row to get to 5-3, and would seem to be in line for a sure win at home. Ahhh, but not with Tomlin in charge. As burghfan and I both know, the Tomlin era has been riddled with bad loses to really bad teams, despite the fact that Tomlin has never had a losing season as a head coach. So I decided to do some research and here's the highlights (or lowlights) of bad Steeler loses since Tomlin took over in 2007. Got a feeling another may be added to the list this week. 2007 loss to 1-8 Jets (Steelers were 7-2) 2009 loss to 2-7 Chiefs (Steelers were 6-3) 2009 loss to 3-8 Raiders (Steelers were 6-5) 2009 loss to 1-11 Browns (Steelers were 6-6) 2012 loss to 2-8 Browns (Steelers were 6-4) 2014 loss to an 0-3 Tampa Bay team that would finish 2-14 2014 loss to 1-8 Jets (Steelers were 6-3) 2017 loss to an 0-2 Bears team who would lose 9 of their other first 11 games and finish 5-11 2018 loss to 2-10 Raiders (Steelers were 7-4-1) 2019 loss to 5-9 Jets (Steelers were 8-6) 2020 loss to 2-10-1 Bengals (Steelers were 11-2)
  14. Well that's what it looked like to me he tried to do, Burns was spun completely around. Was it just a coincidence that Burns had to later leave the game with that same ankle injured? Maybe, but maybe that play had something to do with it.
  15. He's also being accused of being a dirty player. Maybe he thought the player he grabbed had the ball, but looks like a dirty play to me. Mac Jones accused of 'dirty' play after he grabs opponent's ankle
  16. My favorite song from one of my top 5 favorite bands. Jimmy Thackery is the man. The Nighthawks - If You Go
  17. So I heard Money For Nothing on a regular classic rock station yesterday, and sure enough the offending F word was bleeped out. So why would Clear Channel feel the need to ban the song completely from it's playlist when it's very easily censored? That makes no sense to me.
  18. Well he got the ACA passed. I know that's been a boogeyman to conservatives ever since, but without it I would not have any medical coverage now with my pre-existing conditions, and millions of others would be in the same boat. So for that alone I am extremely grateful.
  19. Yep. And here's the entire segment, not a 20 second clip. Bruce Springsteen, Barack Obama Talk Being ‘Outsiders,’ Polarization of America on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’
  20. Solid middle of the road publication? You've got to be kidding. This looks as far right as it comes, especially using a tweet from an anchor from the wack job Newsmax channel who specialize in conspiracy theories and lies.
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