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  1. Not Furillo Daisy, it was Sargant Esterhaus That was a great show. Michael Conrad, "Let's be careful out there"
  2. Inside the world’s first Beatles-themed golf course (complete with a yellow submarine)
  3. I disagree burghfan. It looked to me that they clocked it with 1 second left on the clock, so they would have the opportunity to get the field goal team out there. My question is WTF was Metcalf thinking in not going out of bounds immediately after his catch? They have no time outs, they're already in field goal range, he's not gonna get a huge amount of extra yardage or score, and he could have been tackled in bounds also. Real bonehead play on his part. Seahawks' DK Metcalf responds to Shannon Sharpe's criticism of late-game decision vs. Steelers: 'Stop questioning me'
  4. Getting to be that time of year to cuddle up in front of a nice warm fire....
  5. Doesn't regular radio already censor out the F word from the song? I know other songs with inappropriate words (like Who Are You) are also censored already.
  6. Did you hear about this last week in Charlotte when Alice's cane broke and hit Nita in the head? Came real close to being tragic. But she apparently didn't miss a beat. Alice Cooper breaks cane on stage and it strikes Nita Strauss in the head *live
  7. So if The Band was still around and playing shows, would The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down cause a problem? I was watching The Last Waltz the other day and that's an absolute highlight for me.
  8. Let's hope Bruce decides to do the same with Hungry Heart.
  9. My favorite cover done by Grushecky's old band.... Iron City Houserockers - Loving Cup
  10. Reminds me of the onesie my Eagles fan wife bought for our new grand daughter.
  11. Even if it is real, that's a lot of $$$ to spend for an ugly listing of tour dates.
  12. On Wednesday, Howard Stern will have a special interview with Mick. You can’t always get what you want but this week at least one of Howard’s wishes will come true—a chance to interview Mick Jagger. On Monday, Howard announced the iconic Rolling Stones frontman will be coming on for a special afternoon Stern Show. “I said no fucking brainer,” Howard recalled of when executive producer Gary Dell’Abate approached him about another afternoon show just weeks after doing one with Metallica, Miley Cyrus, and Elton John. “I’m really happy about it.” Howard then went on to explain the magnitude of the upcoming chat. “When I was a kid, the only people that really kind of spoke to me were a couple of rock stars,” he noted. “I would say that Mick Jagger was more important to me and a bigger influence on my life and gave me so much energy and gave me so many hours of enjoyment and fulfillment … the question is not what I’m going to ask him but what I have to eliminate.” Fellow Stones fan and musician Fred Norris was equally enthused. “This is fucking awesome,” he said in response to the news. “I’d say give Gary a raise but that might be pushing it.” Howard’s special interview with Mick Jagger airs Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 1:15 p.m. ET only on SiriusXM.
  13. No thanks. We already got our savior in Dwayne Haskins.
  14. Ben or no Ben, I look at their schedule and I honestly don't see more than 3 additional wins in their future. And they won't beat anyone on the road.
  15. This result was no surprise for me. Ben is now 2-6 lifetime against the Raiders, a team that has hardly been a power over the past decade or so. Major example of my Tomlin hatred.
  16. Got tickets to see him next year in Charlotte. Get better old man
  17. I thought he looked rather thin at the memorial. But my theory is that since he doesn’t wear the coat and tie very often, that the coat and shirt were old wardrobe from his more buff days and thus now hanging on him a bit. That’s how my dad sometimes looked in his later years. Time to get a new suit Bruce, think you can afford it.
  18. MLB expands list of who can wear No. 21 to honor Roberto Clemente on Sept. 15
  19. It wasn't a very big crowd, maybe a dozen people total. I had much less reservations about going back to the movies than I did going back to seeing a concert. But I did that too.
  20. Pretty good for someone who didn’t practice.
  21. I worked most of my career in the aviation industry supporting the FAA. On that day our office was in NW Washington a few blocks north of the White House. I shared a pod with four other people including a former air traffic controller. He had access to websites that monitored the air traffic controllers communications and we heard in real-time some of the chaos that was unfolding with air travel. And the White House and surrounding buildings were evacuated because of the threat of attack and alot of those people were streaming by our building to get away from it. As for getting home, I lived in Virginia and rode the bus to work. But in emergency situations our busses would not come into the city and we would have to use metro or maybe the train, both of which go right by or stop at the Pentagon, so not ideal options either. I really don't remember how I got home that night, just know it took a long time. Also during that time I went to monthly meetings up in Atlantic City, drive up on a Wednesday for the Thursday meeting. Our meeting that month was on the 13th, so I drove up the day after the attacks. By that time the FAA had put a ground stop to all air travel in the CONUS for a few days, so there was nothing in the air. I always like seeing the contrails from planes, knowing that someone is going somewhere. But driving three hours and seeing none of that in the sky was another sad reminder.
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