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  1. I know Columbia is a fan favorite, but I've never understood the hype. It's got a cool shoegaze-y sound to it, sure, but it just drags on too long for its own good in my opinion and the vocal melody is quite dull.
  2. Yeah, for me Stolen car on The River is definitely not as good as Point blank. The Tracks version however is better than Point blank. That version is in my top 20 Bruce songs.
  3. I like them all except The Turning. Cool unexpected choice anyway! I gotta say I can't even remember it. When I listened to Dig out your soul for the first time (close to 2 years ago) I put The Turning at the 5th spot (out of 11) in my ranking of the album, so I guess I didn't find it to be That bad.
  4. This is hilarious and somehow beautiful at the same time :
  5. Stolen car is better than Point blank? : O I see that not that many people voted in the last round, so who knows, maybe things would've been different if a few more voted. Stolen car Reason to believe
  7. Didn't know that Jay was a fan before joining them.
  8. It has great atmosphere but after a while the monotonous nature of the song gets a bit tiresome and the beautiful melodies of most of the other songs start to shine even more.