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  1. Two of my favorites! They're both great musically. Haven't paid that much attention to the lyrics.
  2. I really liked folklore. Even though I did like/really like/love all the songs it probably would've benefitted from being a couple tracks less long though.
  3. I want to ask you too: Did you read the article? It made some interesting points.
  4. I love Bruce and I really like Taylor Swift, so if nothing else they have my admiration in common. 1989 is the best commercial pop album ever. I just listened to folklore for the first time and I really liked that one as well.
  5. Johnny bye-bye is the first one that comes to mind. Also took me a long time to realise that Dancing in the dark Is one of my favorite Bruce songs.
  6. We only differ on 2 songs, and both of the songs you've chosen I had in consideration for including, so...Great tracklist! : )
  7. I wonder if Bruce has thought of the 7 note-melody in there which is the same (but in a different rhythm) as in one of his songs (that came out long before Nightswimming).