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  1. I definitely agree that he has written both great and not very good songs throughout his career. Simply put the question is really about how many percent of the output in each of the three eras that you consider to be more than not very good. The era with the highest percentage of good - great songs is the one I vote for.
  2. Yes, Maria's bed is one of my favorites from the album together with Long time comin' and the title track.
  3. The Getting this out there thread inspired this one. 1. How many studio album masterpieces has Bruce got? List them in this thread. 2. When was he at his best songwriting-wise (yes, I'm aware that the options are arbitrary)?
  4. For me it's not the horse or the setting or the idea of the cover really...It's the font choice and the "glossy" look of the photo, which just makes it look more like some advert (which was what the photo was taken for originally) than an album cover.
  5. Then I guess my first post on this subject that you replied to wasn't for nothing since there seems to have been a misunderstanding between what Frank was talking about and what you thought Frank was talking about. Ooorrr maybe it's me who've misunderstood. ...And I know it doesn't matter either way.
  6. But you said "Good point about sharing the same bridge with the title song" which to me sounds like you meant the bridge section of the song (as in chorus-bridge-chorus)? Do you mean that you too were referring to the lyrics (that both songs use the rhyme ridge/bridge in the lyrics)?
  7. Frank was not referring to the bridge sections of the songs but to that the rhyme ridge/bridge is used in both The Ghost of Tom Joad and Brothers under the bridge.
  8. I'll just blatantly post my review after first listen here too, and we can compare our opinions or something: It's an okay album, with 5 really good songs, 2 pretty good songs, 1 average song and 5 songs that I don't really care for that much so far. Overall I do like that the album sounds so cinematic. The 5 songs I enjoy the least all share that cinematic quality and while they're good at creating an atmosphere (perfect as background music) they're pretty boring to me as songs. They're just not my type of music I guess. Too many maj7 chords for my taste. A small detail that kinda irked me on first listen: How the verses of Chasin' wild horses start with the same melody as the verses in Your own worst enemy. The 5 really good songs (no ranking except for the first song which is the best on the album): Tucson train Sleepy Joe's Café Somewhere north of Nashville Moonlight motel Stones The 2 pretty good songs (ranked): There goes my miracle Chasin' wild horses The average song: Hitch hikin' The songs I don't really care for (no ranking): The Wayfarer Western stars Drive fast (The Stuntman) Sundown Hello sunshine