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  1. Little star (Stina Nordenstam)
  2. I've just listened to all the Fleetwood Mac albums (plus B-sides, officially released outtakes and demos) that have Stevie and Lindsey on them. Before I had only heard maybe...7 Fleetwood Mac songs, and had like 3 favorites. Now I have 56 favorites. : D A lot of great and beautiful music!
  3. Can't really remember, but it was probably one of these four: Thunder road The River Independence day Born to run I think I started to Listen to him around 2005. I had of course heard a few songs during childhood, but it was around my late teens/early twenties my Bruce infatuation really started.
  4. Wow, beautiful song! Love the harpsichord in it, the vocal melodies and the Spector-ish production. Makes me think of a few songs on The Promise.
  5. The amazing sounds of orgy (Radiohead)
  6. Little baby nothing (Manic street preachers)
  7. Hmm...What does this have to do with Bruce Springsteen? Nothing? Everything?
  8. In this thread we confess stuff that despite being widely known we got wrong about music. I'll start: For a long time (clearly before I actually knew what she sounded like) I thought that the lead vocal in Go your own way by Fleetwood Mac was sung by Stevie Nicks.