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  1. Of New York Dolls fame. Rest in peace.
  2. Same here, but in 2008. It was so powerful hearing that intro. They did rehearse it when I was in the queue, and I got so excited when I heard that. I mean it wasn't a certainty that they would always play it in 2008 and that it would be the opener as well.
  3. I just have to say that this struck me straight away as a beautiful way of putting it. : )
  4. So he must have went up more than one key on those songs where he now sings in a lower octave? It just feels like I would've noticed otherwise.
  5. What is the best outtake song from each album session in your opinion? Obviously each session that has outtakes you've heard that is.
  6. Do we know the track list for the version with Don't look back?
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