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  1. I enjoyed the new album. The only songs I wasn't as fond of as the rest were I don't mind (if I'm with you) and Horses. Both still good though. I think he's on a roll with great cover art by the way. All three album covers are distinct and look great.
  2. I think the chorus of Etta James is amazing and the song overall is great.
  3. I'm more of a Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands type of person. Desolation row too.
  4. Nice sound and chord progression, but I need more from a vocal melody than this for it to be good for 16:56.
  5. Shut out the light is another song that's repetitive, but I feel that both songs just benefit from it with their mantra-like qualities that make me lose myself in them.
  6. Thanks, will check it out. Why is this in the Bruce section though...?
  7. This thread is for a song that I feel doesn't get talked about that much at all. For me it's no doubt in the top 5 of the album it's on. Any more fans of this beautiful song?
  8. Is it not possible to make some sort of crossfade between the tracks?
  9. I thought it said Two Caves, Two Hearts in the logo at first.
  10. Possibly meeting a friend. Possibly going to a pub quiz. Do you like the power pop genre?