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  1. Fire in bone (The Killers)
  2. Yes, beautiful indeed. I love the passion in her singing.
  3. I've listened to quite a few of her songs before and really enjoyed most of it, so it will be interesting to check this out.
  4. Cool! I want to watch the whole thing but it costs $27.90 to do so.
  5. So sorry to hear that...She was always one that I saw posting quite a lot and she always seemed like a sweet person and often seemed to share opinion with me on Bruce stuff. She was no doubt one of my favorite members. This will be a more empty place without her. May she rest in peace.
  6. Indeed, but that was not part of what I objected to. : )
  7. As long as they're not in my face or generally obstructing my view I love the request signs. They've helped in getting a lot of rare songs played live and I'm all for that.
  8. To be fair they don't know that it will be a Born in the U.S.A. album show though.
  9. I actually feel quite different about it. To me last year seemed to go by quicker than usual, which was one of the few good things about that shitty year.
  10. It could. Definitely one of the best albums from last year.
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