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  1. It ain't a beautiful line, but hey, it's alright.
  2. Well maybe it's not anti--Valentine's day, but...I'd listen to I wish I were blind.
  3. stillilllife

    Bruce: Songs of Friendship

  4. stillilllife

    Songs about Springsteen

    If you want to add a country for The Ark - Singin 'bout The City: Sweden.
  5. stillilllife

    Looking for a certain type of 70's pop music

    The other songs on my playlist, which hopefully will help in understanding even better what type of production I'm looking for: Creedence clearwater revival - Have you ever seen the rain Rod Stewart - Maggie May ABBA - S.O.S. Jackson Browne - Take it easy Nick Lowe - Marie Provost Colin Blunstone - I want some more Gene Simmons - See you tonite Ringo Starr - Photograph Eagles - Peaceful easy feeling Van Morrison - Full force gale Kiss - Hard luck woman John Lennon - Oh Yoko!
  6. stillilllife

    Looking for a certain type of 70's pop music

    Thank you, it did give me two more songs to add that fitted what I'm looking for.
  7. I've made a playlist of 70's pop/rock music. The songs all have something in common: they use left and right panned acoustic guitars, almost like a hi-hat effect. I'm looking for more great songs of that kind from the 70's, so if you can think of any please post them here! Some examples of what's in my playlist:
  8. Well, hehe, we have this guy Ulf Lundell here in Sweden:
  9. stillilllife

    Need help finding a song!

    Too bad. : / Thank you anyway for trying to help!
  10. stillilllife

    Need help finding a song!

    Thank you, but unfortunately no one's been able to find it on there either. : /
  11. stillilllife

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

  12. stillilllife

    Need help finding a song!

    Lyric snippets I've managed to hear: when i'm walking down that road when i'm worried if i'm wrong No results when searching through google though...
  13. stillilllife

    Need help finding a song!

    Looking for some help! 42:30 into episode 7 of the third season of Daredevil (at the Nadeem's house) there's a song that's playing in the background. If anyone can help me with finding out what that song is I'd really appreciate it! Thank you in advance!
  14. stillilllife

    River Outtakes

    Oh, I see. You're probably right.