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  1. Words of a forever lost love and an achingly beautiful melody to it is all I need. I've been there and so many others have...Seeing your lost love with her/his new love. It hurts like hell in your heart and this song and its sentiment and that melody with beautiful harmonies by Bobby Hatfield of The Righteous Brothers makes me feel the very same way but it heals me through a feeling of sympathy rather than destroys me. It's a masterpiece in my eyes.
  2. It hurts me to see that someone has voted for If I were blind as the worst song on Human Touch.
  3. ‘As an artist, part of you doesn’t want to be joyful,’ Crow says. ‘Because you think you’ll never write a good song again’ I can definitely relate to that.
  4. I've been listening to their discography for the first time this past week, so I'm definitely in that mood at the moment. : )
  5. Bruce could've sung Frida's part and Stevie could've sung Agnetha's part. Just transpose it down a few steps.
  6. Worm's eye view shots and motivational wall art aside...Nice post from Bruce!