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  1. Great! <3 She was 75 here. Still soaring and so inspiring.
  2. I (mostly) hope so. If Bruce doesn't want to release everything from the vaults but Sony does...Go Sony!
  3. Will we even get one and how much will Bruce be involved now that Sony owns all of his music? I have no idea how this works but I hope that I don't need to worry about it...
  4. Man, I love Bryan's passion during Badlands! It injected some life to that song that's been a little absent during recent tours when Stevie often hasn't sounded as inspired or good vocally as before.
  5. The Magic Hat drove his sleek machine Over the Jersey state line
  6. 2 new songs: Ghosts and I'll see you in my dreams 2 older songs (that I haven't heard live): Incident on 57th street and I wish I were blind (full band, with Bruce singing the title like he does on the album) 2 songs that need a rest (excluding covers): The Rising and Spirit in the night
  7. I'm hi-jacking now, but I listened to their full discography last year and these are the songs that I love the most (listed in chronological order) not featured on any of the two ABBA Gold compilations or The Essential Collection: Another town, another train Nina, pretty ballerina Rock 'n' roll band What about Livingstone Hey, hey Helen I've been waiting for you Dum dum diddle Why did it have to be me? Arrival Happy Hawaii Move on Hole in your soul As good as new Kisses of fire Andante, andante Soldiers Slipping through my fingers Like an angel passing through my room
  8. ...Orrr just listen to the album in full at least once and you'll find out if there are more songs you enjoy. 37 minutes and 9 seconds of your life.
  9. 3/5. I couldn't really ask for that much more. It's a really varied album and all the songs are between good and great. For a last track Ode to Freedom feels like a bit of a letdown. Regardless it was a rush getting to hear a new AᗺBA album for the very first time. My favorite songs on first listen: I still have faith in you When I danced with you I can be that woman Possible future favorites: Don't shut me down Bumblebee No doubt about it
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/oct/27/abba-reunion-interview-voyage-younger-selves The weird thing is that, their creative input to the show notwithstanding, Abba have already ceased to exist again, other than in the virtual world. Both Andersson and Ulvaeus are insistent that there will be no more music: they wrote two songs that didn’t make it on to the album, but they were left unfinished, and are going to stay that way. “This is it,” Andersson nods. “It’s got to be, you know.” OH COME ON! Why did they even have to mention that they wrote two more (unfinished) songs when we'll never get to hear them.
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