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  1. Shaker + some programmed galloping drum sounds (a muffled tom or kick drum)?
  2. Now I'm waiting for the Born in the U.S.A. box set with all the 156 shows on blu-ray.
  3. Haven't thought of it myself, but sure, it would probably fit as a percussion heavy track in the vein of something like Real world, possibly with guest vocals by Sam Moore.
  4. Come to think of it the melody would probably work quite well for a house track actually, haha.
  5. That's all good, but I can't enjoy a song more because of logical qualities when it doesn't have the Emotional qualities I want from a Bruce song. I'm not saying that he doesn't sing it with feeling or anything (he definitely does), but it just sounds rather uninspired musically speaking to me, and not to mention how clunky the title phrase for the most part sounds when sung (...And it's sung quite a lot).
  6. So, we've reached the final! I'll say it straight away: This final poll is ONE CHOICE ONLY and you have one week to vote. Lastly, maybe controversially, and probably as most of you already know: Jungleland isn't part of this competition. It's the winner already. Enjoy the final!
  7. This sounds like fun! Only studio tracks and only original songs I guess?
  8. Probably Lions' Den since it's the section about Sports.
  9. Rest in peace. (Wrong section though)
  10. No order (except release order): Lost in the flood New York City Serenade Thunder road Backstreets Born to run Jungleland Factory The price you pay Drive all night Highway patrolman Born in the U.S.A. My hometown Brilliant disguise If I should fall behind Streets of Philadelphia The Wish Lift me up American skin (41 shots) Into the fire The Rising Paradise Devils and dust Girls in their summer clothes This life Kingdom of days Someday (we'll be together) The Promise Jack of all trades
  11. https://www.allmusic.com/album/benny-and-us-mw0000850614 Here they call him Benny too, or at least the album title, which makes me think he was okay with being called Benny too.
  12. Where is the similarity? I can't hear it. Is this the song? Edit: Oh, you mean the melody when he sings When I was Mary's prayer? Sure, a bit similar.
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