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  1. I agree with the uploader. This one for Incident on 57th street!
  2. Welcome! This is good if you want suggestions from the archive releases:
  3. Yes, thank you, that was it!: "Too much tequila!"
  4. This...This is what love looks like. What I always need and what I always want. Life at its most beautiful.
  5. Does anyone know what show this gif is from?:
  6. Eh, haha, oops. I will post it in the correct thread. Not in the thread I thought was the correct thread for some reason.
  7. The Strokes - Is this it The Strokes - Room on fire Suede - Suede Radiohead - OK Computer Radiohead - The Bends Hole - Live through this Iron Maiden - Seventh son of a seventh son Iron Maiden - Somewhere in time The Cure - Disintegration Sex Pistols - Never mind the bollocks, here's The Sex Pistols Metallica - Master of puppets Metallica - Ride the lightning Ghost - Opus Eponymous Lykke Li - I never learn Blondie - Eat to the beat Bright eyes - I'm wide awake, it's morning The Vaccines - What did you expect from The Vaccines?
  8. Might be my favorite version. This one or the studio version on The Promise.
  9. For me they're some of his best vocals. I love when he pushes his voice to the limit. Just like in for example Better days. I love when he sensually whispers too but yeah, the vocals in Living proof are far, far from being his worst in my opinion.
  10. Yeah, but I mean if he has heard the song I'm guessing he'd hear the similarity in style and if he's not heard the song then I don't see why it would be strange/peculiar if a band was influenced by Bruce Springsteen since he's been an influence for a lot of bands/artists through the years.
  11. Western stars is not among my favorite songs on Western stars.
  12. It's an awesome song! It's in my top 20.
  13. Off-topic but this is the best shower curtain ever made:
  14. The new album also includes a cover of a song some of you may be familiar with:
  15. This is by the way probably the coolest way ever to end a concert...Doesn't really matter who's in the suit as long as the audience believes it is Michael. Pretty sure it would've blown me away: