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  1. That's where I was on Thursday, directly behind Max. Kind of cool to see the show from the band's perspective.
  2. It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm sitting here in Union Station waiting for my southbound Amtrak bus. Holy shit what a show! The River album was awesome, Backstreets and Brilliant Disguise were awesome, the whole damn show was awesome! I'm exhausted and hardly have a voice left. No Tom Morello (for once) but the crowd was great! Wish I could afford more than one show this tour.
  3. I'm here! Got cut off by TM on the train up here, but got lucky in the drop line. Loge 23 row 1 directly behind Max. Let's rock!
  4. Wow, it actually went down, thanks! Still trying to decide if I want to drive or take Amtrak.
  5. For those who were there, how much was it? I paid $30 in 2012 and was wondering if it has changed.
  6. Just the opposite for me, Morello has been at all four of my Bruce shows, time for a break. Hope he stays home on Thursday.
  7. The main ingredients are chiles and chocolate, quite tasty.
  8. Ok, now I gotta hear it; getting out the BITUSA CD.
  9. Once again no San Diego show (since 1996) so it looks like I'm doing one of the LA gigs again.
  10. Tour extended through August?

    That was going to be my birthday show but just as well, there's a big data convention in town that week and hotel prices are crazy.
  11. Change is here

    I too lost a bunch of posts and am down to Jr.Member but now I understand why. However, when I use this site on my phone there is no field for me to post, just the submit reply button (granted my phone is pretty old) and my status along with everyone else's is "members".
  12. Tour extended through August?

    If these dates become official, then the San Jose show on my birthday will be worth the flight from San Diego, and I'll most likely forget about LA. I can only afford to do one show so I have to choose wisely.
  13. Even this was too technical for me. LOL...............You're saying the wifi is better and if you're on it, stay on it, right? If it's faster than your cellular data signal, then yes, and it keeps your data usage down.