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  1. I enjoyed Match Point, but found the tennis metaphors to be too forced. 'Blue Jasmine' is his best since, well, 'Midnight in Paris', I suppose... There's a lot of talk about Amy Adams being "due" for an Oscar but I just can't see things that way with Blanchett's performance being as brilliant as it was. EDIT: Oh yeah, the last movie I saw was 'The Lego Movie'. Great entertainment for all ages. Several laugh out loud moments.
  2. 'HIGHWAY TO HELL' baby! Not the best cover in the world, but it still rocked and the fact that he even played it makes it even more awesome!
  3. 'Paris, Texas' from Wim Winders Still a bloody brilliant film. I always love Sam Shepard's writing, and Ry Cooder's score is spot on. I'm fascinated by Wenders and his admiration for the American West. This German filmmaker who is enamored with the West. Great film and excellent peformances by Kinski and Harry Dean Stanton. Reminds me that I need to watch 'Wings of Desire' again.
  4. 'Talk About a Dream' - the new Bruce book with archived interviews. Very interesting stuff. It's interesting to see how his language has evolved over the years.
  5. When is the heck is Bruce and Co. going to announce U.S. tour dates???

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