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    It's like the double slit experiment this - it's all contingent on whether there's an observer or not. Really complicated stuff.
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  1. Hi,

    Can you let me know how you go on with your mission to get a refund of your tickets please? Like you I'm thoroughly pissed off with Bruce Inc. for what they've done. I just feel I'm being treated like a cash cow. Not sure if I can get a refund of my train tickets to Glasgow but I can cancel the hotel with no financial hit. I got my tickets from Ticketmaster so not sure If I can rely on what LiveNation put out.





  2. Hey, just thought I'd say hi as I don't see you that much on the main boards at the mo. 


    Hope it's going good over there! 


    Cheers Steve

  3. I promised Kev not to make anymore tangent posts about religion in his thread, but I still just want to say that I totally share your perspective. I think that agnosticism is the logical starting point (unless of course God actually does exist and does reveal himself to you) and that from there it's up to the individual to make up their mind if they can and want to believe.

    1. the calvary

      the calvary

      Hey, I just found this profile feed thing, I'd not clicked on it before, so I just read your message. Thanks for getting in touch. That was an interesting topic as I remember it. I hadn't realised that there was an issue with posting anything on it

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