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  1. I don't like that this story is taking attention away from Sessions. We need to keep the spotlight on the Russia stuff and only the Russia stuff because that's what's going to bring this presidency down.
  2. I'll be honest... I didn't a shit about Hillary's emails, so I don't give a shit about Pence's emails. That being said... the hypocrisy is almost unbearable. Like in a "nothing matters anymore" way. If Hillary was unfit because of her emails, I guess we gotta lock Pence up!
  3. Well that was a short honeymoon for Trump's "brilliant" speech! Time to get back to the real story. Sessions, the door is that a'way...
  4. Obama For President....

    This is my favorite post in the history of the internet.
  5. Christ those questions are just beyond absurd. It's truly baffaling how far gone the Republicans are by believing in this garbage. Tribalism, nothing more. Look at how question 23 is worded. Did anyone even proofread this thing? Question 25... so the Republicans want to spend time and resources holding the media accountable? Yes please do! Please waste your time and money on your delusional battles. I'm sure you'll all win in the end. Question 22... I'm speechless.
  6. National Prayer Breakfast Speech

    True but you forgot Trump's motto: "The buck stops everywhere but here"
  7. SCOTUS pick

    It's Garland or nobody. Filibuster anybody else.
  8. Haha I'm sorry my man! I love Paul to death but that song is gutter-trash empty patriotism nonsense.
  9. National Security Council--now with Nazis!

    So we have a literal nazi on the NSC, the removal of the head of the Joint Chiefs... and we're talking about college basketball in the thread dedicated to this. Go Bulls, I guess...
  10. Do you just donate to become a member?
  11. Hmm... I think I'm gonna sign up. What does being a member do?
  12. Fight the fascists fucks every inch of the way.
  13. Leave Trump's Kid Out Of It

    That is absolutely awful. Don't mention the kid... ever.