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  1. Hi Ilan!  Still around? I have only recently started signing in again and was curious about all the original Lakers. 

  2. Yet another "old school" Laker here. Thanks for posting the laundry thread, Mikey... reading it brought back memories and a smile. Like so many others, I was numb when I heard the news. I felt compelled to come back here and express my heartfelt condolences to Rich's family and friends during this incredibly sad time. I was lucky enough to have met Rich on several occasions and had stayed connected via Facebook. When I first met Rich in 2002 in Denver, he gave my boys a FDNY shirt. They thought he was THE coolest... a firefighter who gave them such a cool shirt AND an insanely funny guy (in a blatantly juvenile way). I don't have much to add to what's already been said. Rich was kind and crass... his overwhelming kindness was like a big bear hug, and his crassness was so outrageous that you laughed until you cried. Maybe someone should bring a Jessie's Girl sign to a show in honor of FR7. Maybe I will. Love and strength to all who are grieving. Rest peacefully, my friend.