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  1. Yet another "old school" Laker here. Thanks for posting the laundry thread, Mikey... reading it brought back memories and a smile. Like so many others, I was numb when I heard the news. I felt compelled to come back here and express my heartfelt condolences to Rich's family and friends during this incredibly sad time. I was lucky enough to have met Rich on several occasions and had stayed connected via Facebook. When I first met Rich in 2002 in Denver, he gave my boys a FDNY shirt. They thought he was THE coolest... a firefighter who gave them such a cool shirt AND an insanely funny guy (in a blatantly juvenile way). I don't have much to add to what's already been said. Rich was kind and crass... his overwhelming kindness was like a big bear hug, and his crassness was so outrageous that you laughed until you cried. Maybe someone should bring a Jessie's Girl sign to a show in honor of FR7. Maybe I will. Love and strength to all who are grieving. Rest peacefully, my friend.