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  1. Brilliant pictures Martin, thanks for sharing. Can't believe it was 5 years ago !
  2. A few of the shots I took at the end of the show on Thursday 6th September 2018
  3. roberto


  4. I know these photos were posted ages ago but just seen them. Fantastic photos and I have to give a shot out to the sponge in this photos because I have that very sponge in my possession. Another day made happy by Bruce and his followers :-)
  5. For me the show was amazing, magical, fantastic, all of those and many more but I I don't think I can call it 'life changing'. To take your point it hasn't changed my life. For some it may have and maybe that relates to changing your outlook on life and things in it, not necessarily anything physical or visible. I think Bruce's words had already led me to change my outlook on life and things like my relationship my own father, but that had already happened and it didn't take the show to do that. I read this back and it sounds like I am putting the show down. I am definitely not doing that as it was fantastic to get the one chance to see it and while I would not say it was life changing for me it certainly was a once in a lifetime experience ....................unless I somehow get a ticket again before the run ends :-)
  6. Hi, I went on 6th Sept and picked up a spare one left lying around. I've only just seen your post and not sure if you've already obtained one but if you haven't already then happy to send you this spare. It's slightly thumbed on one corner but not too bad. Reply on here or PM me and will post to you. Best wishes Rob