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  1. Mayo hinted at it last week. He played Glory Days and commented on the fade out. He said "if I was to ever interview Bruce I would ask him why he put a fade out at the end of Glory Days"
  2. I need one GA Washington DC ticket
  3. 1DC GA for 1 VB GA

    I have been keeping a look out for the VB GA but have been unsuccessful so far. If I see one, I'll contact you. If you are unable to find a trader, please keep me in mind for the sale.
  4. Yesterday in Paris, I was fortunate enough to be given a spare pit ticket by someone who I met in the queue on the Monday. Unfortunately, security wouldn't let me into the pit since I was already in the arena without a wristband, but I would like to pass on my thanks to him nonetheless. I cannot remember his first name (potentially Jimmy?) but he said he lived in the Glastonbury/Pilton area. He also attends some shows with Badlands. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 1DC GA for 1 VB GA

    I don't have a VB ticket but would like to purchase your DC GA.
  6. Paris

    Will there be a roll call system for ordinary GA as well as for the pit? I have ordinary GA tickets and would like to be as close as possible.
  7. Milan Pit

    Are there typically roll calls on the days prior to the gig for getting a wristband?
  8. Milan Pit

    According to a couple of posts on BTX, Trotta has said that there will be no lottery this year.
  9. With regards to collecting tickets at the show, is it usually possible to pick them up early enough to still take part in the lottery system/queue for the pit?
  10. I was fortunate enough to spend the concert with two people who had never seen Bruce before. One was from Greece and loved Bruce's music, the other was a very close friend of mine who wanted to see what all the fuss was about but only recognised three songs. It was brilliant to see the elation on their faces during and after the show. One expected it, the other didn't. I remember the feeling after my first show; how the hell can it be THAT good?!? Great show last night, high energy, great setlist and long. Because The Night seemed more intense and Jungleland was stunning and came at the perfect point in the set.
  11. Wembley Roll Call

    Numbers given out until 11 according to Twitter.
  12. Wembley Roll Call

    Apparently 9pm roll call has been cancelled. Any confirmation?
  13. Coventry Pit

    Agreed, cannot fault the fans running the queue at all. Showsec need to up their game though.
  14. Coventry Pit

    My point exactly. You're 290 people behind me in the queue and yet in the pit because the final two blocks of people were let in at the same time.